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If you’re working on a design for a website header or a social media cover, this iPad 2 mockup is the perfect choice for you. The mockup is perfect for showcasing your apps and designs in a beautifully crafted background setting.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

iPad Pro is quite popular among creatives and professionals. This is a mockup that showcases the new device with the Apple Pencil. It also includes 7 different perspective views for you to easily present your designs using the mockup template.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This is a massive bundle full of all kinds of Apple device mockups. The pack comes with different Apple mockups you need for various design projects, including mockup templates for iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone 6 and more making a total of 192 devices. The templates come in 7 different background settings as well.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Yet another gorgeous mockup template featuring the iPad Mini. This mockup is most suitable for promoting a website, app, or a product. The template also includes 10 different filters for customizing the look of the design.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This is a set of iPad Pro mockup templates that you can use to showcase your designs and creative work using 5 different scenes. It also includes 3 AI files for easily customizing the mockups however you like.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

A pack of iPad mockups that allows you to showcase your designs in a professional environment. The pack includes 8 different mockup templates in PSD files, which are also fully customizable to your preference.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This iPad and iPhone mockup template features a modern design with pastel colors, which makes it perfect for designing a website header or showcasing designs in a portfolio using both of Apple mobile devices at the same time.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Another iPad mockup with a modern and natural background environment that also promotes health and fitness. This mockup is ideal for showcasing your fitness apps and programs using the iPad.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This gorgeous iPad Air 2 mockup also features a professional working environment for showcasing your designs and products in a portfolio or a website homepage. The template comes in a fully-layered PSD file.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

The perspective view is a popular trend among designers. This pack of iPad Pro mockups features that same perspective view for showcasing your designs in a trendy environment. The pack includes mockups in 8 different perspective views.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

A pack of flexible iPad mockups that are fully customizable. It includes mockups that you can easily edit to change colors and appearance of the mockup device however you like. The PSD comes fully-layered.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

If you’re looking for a set of professionally photographed iPad device mockups, look no further. This bundle features 8 high-resolution iPad Mini mockups photographed in a studio environment. You can add any custom background to these mockups as well.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This stylish iPad Air 2 mockup is perfect for creating a header image for a creative agency or a startup website. The template file is easily customizable.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Showcase all the features of your website or app in this multi-view iPad mockup that allows you to show your designs in a revolving view. It includes a total of 6 screens.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Another professional iPad Pro mockup featuring an elegant background setting. The template also includes an iPhone mockup for showcasing your designs using both Apple devices.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

This iPad Mini mockup is perfect for presenting your website and app designs in a natural and a relaxing environment. The template features a home background setting, making it most suitable for personal development or health-related design projects.
Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Doglr is a professionally designed iPad mockup template that you can use with your design projects free of charge. It features a creative and natural background setting with a high-quality design. Perfect for showcasing apps and websites.

This free bundle includes 4 premium-quality iPad mockups. It comes with 4 mockup templates featuring different views and settings of a black iPad. The templates feature smart objects for easier editing as well.

An iPad mockup with a professional background setting. This mockup template is ideal for showcasing your business-related app designs and website screenshots. Thanks to smart objects, you can easily replace the screens with a few clicks.

This Christmas-themed iPad mockup is perfect for designing seasonal website headers and social media posts. You can also use it to present Christmas-related apps and designs to clients as well.

Featuring a family of Apple products, this free iPad mockup template allows you to showcase your designs in both iPad and an iPhone. In the background, you can also see a MacBook, which acts as a professional background for the mockup template.

Are you working on an app, website, or a design related to Valentine’s day? Then use this free iPad Mini mockup to showcase and present your designs. The template features the iPad Mini Retina and includes smart layers for easier editing.

This photorealistic iPad Air mockup features a perspective view of the device. You can use it to showcase app screenshots on websites. The template is available in both black and white versions of the device as well.

This free iPad mockup features a minimalist clay version of the device. It will go along nicely with your minimalist website designs and other creative design projects.

A fully-customizable free iPad Air 2 mockup. This mockup features a changeable background and easy-to-replace smart layers. You can use it with your website designs and portfolio showcases.

This unique and free iPad Pro mockup template features a floating iPad screen, which lets you showcase your apps and designs with an uncommon approach. You can easily change its background as well.

Apple’s next generation tablet, iPad Pro is the most professional and innovative of its tablet lineup. This iPad Pro mockup pack comes with 19 PSD mockup files you can easily edit to promote your apps and products through the latest iPad.

Minimalism is the new black. The elegant and minimalist iPad mockups in this pack will fit in with almost any of your design projects, including website, apps, logos, and more.

This is a set of 2 iPad Air mockups that will pretty much fit into any background or environment you throw at it. The mockups are also available in different positions as standing, held in hands, and lying on the surface.

This is an iPad mockup based off of a stock image. It features both an iPad and an iPhone. The mockup is smart layered, which will allow you to easily edit the mockup.

Another stunning iPad Pro mockup that’ll match any website header or banner. It comes with 7 PSD files with mockups in different angles and backgrounds.

It’s an iPad Pro, a pencil, and a cup of coffee. Nothing special. But, it’s that elegant setting that set this mockup apart from the rest. It comes with 6 PSD files with various angles and layouts.

This is an iPad mockup based on a high-quality stock photo. What makes it so special? It’s that minimalist background that’ll probably remind you of a lazy morning.

This is a fully editable mockup generator that comes with a set of elements you can move around to create your own unique iPad mockup. Everything is in smart objects and can be easily moved around.

The perfect mockup for a project related to fashion or a restaurant. The background setting and the design of this mockup makes it truly unique.

The creator of this mockup has found inspiration for the design from Pasadena, California. You can see the resemblance clearly in the setting of the mockup itself.

A stock photo-based iPad mockup with a feminine touch. This mockup perfect for showcasing creative designs such as logos, stickers, illustrations, and even websites.

It’s hard to find as beautiful mockups as this one. This particular iPad mockup has been created with a unique stock photo. You can use it for many types of designs, including website headers, social media covers, and more.

This mockup of iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 comes in a fully editable PSD file in 3088 x 2056 pixels resolution. The smart object based layers will allow you to easily edit the file as well.

A unique mockup featuring a collection of Apple devices, including an Apple Display, Macbook, an iPad, an iPhone, a MacBook and more.

A pack of Apple devices mockups, featuring all black iPad air, MacBook Pro, and iPhone 5S. The bundle includes 6 PSD files of 2500 x 1800 300 dpi resolution.

This one has all the Apple devices you need to showcase your app or product. No need to buy mockups separately. The pack includes 20 mockup files, including mockups of iPad 2, iPad Mini, MacBooks, iPhones, and more.
20 PSD iPad Mockup Collection

This is a collection of 20 photo-realistic PSD mockups to present your websites or app designs. Extremely easy to place your designs using smart objects, just double-click, copy and paste your design and voilá, you’re done!
Photorealistic iPad Mockup

A selection of nine high quality iPad mockups to display your app, responsive website, or anything else in a professional way.
Flat iPad 5 + iPad Mini

A lovely pair of white and gold iPads — both the mini, and the full-size version. These are delightfully simple and minimal.
Couple Using an iPad – 9 Photo Mockups

This is set of nine high-res photo mockups featuring a couple using iPad. Enhance the presentation of your app or responsive website, and show it in a real environment!
iPad Air Design Mockup

A high resolution photoshop document of an iPad Air 2 modelled and rendered in 3D for app design mockups and presentation. Colours included are gold, silver and space grey. The mockups are on a clean and clutter free scene to bring more focus to the design and the image is rendered at 4000 x 4000px at 200 dpi.
Flat iPad Mini in Two Colors

A fantastic flat, layered PSD for the iPad Mini Retina. Provided in two versions for both colours — Silver and Space Gray.
iPad photo Mockup

A photo mockup of a man holding an iPad, sat at a wooden table, in the landscape orientation. A handy one for have for $4!
iPad White Angled Mockup

A downward facing, angled shot of a white iPad for use as a mockup. Provided as a PSD.
White iPad Photo Mockup

A high resolution Apple iPad Retina. This one is a Photoshop PSD mockup, set in a colorful living room situation, held in portrait. Ready to promote your website or app.
Price: $4
Hipster iPad PSD Mockup

A PSD Mockup of the iPad, and four pictures, named “Hipster”. Easy to use because of smart layers. Ready to present your work, in a delightfully hipster setting.
Flat iPad Mini Retina

Two simple little flat iPad mini Retina display mockups. Completely free for you to download and use!
iPad Around the House Photo

A photo of someone carrying their iPad around the house, ready for you to drop in your own work.
Sleek iPad Mockup

Sleek and simple, this one is an angled mockup of a white iPad, with a glossy reflection on the screen.
iPad Air 2 PSD — All-in-One Mockup

These pixel perfect designs will help you build an awesome and clever looking design for your app.
Flat Perspective iPad Mockup

This mockup shows the iPad with an angled perspective, set at an angle against a white background.
iPad Mini 2: Relaxing at Home
Showing a person at home, relaxing with their iPad Mini 2. Provided at a resolution of 4200x2800px, at 300 DPI.
iPad Mini Group Pack PSD

A free mockup, showing a group of three iPad Mini devices next to each other.
2 PSD Casual Man Mockups

A premium, photorealistic PSD mockup of the iPad, named Casual Man. Easy to use because of smart layers. Ready to present your work.
Free Frontal View iPad Mockup

A completely free, frontal view of two plain iPads.
iPad Air Mockup

A free mockup of the iPad Air, set in both black and white, with a green Smart Cover to illustrate your app in a realistic way.
Flat Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini

Two flat Apple iPad Air and iPad Mini device mockups. Easily add your own screenshots to the layer provided. Perfect for your launch page, presentation, or anything else.
Top-Down iPad Mockup on Wood

A top-down view of the iPad, with different objects on wooden background. This has an authentic look, complemented by a wooden surface. The smart object is the iPad screen, and the rest of the objects are part of the image.
iPad 2 Flat Mockup

This one is a simple flat mockup of iPad 2, available to download compeltely free of charge.
iPad 2 Mockup

A realistic hi-resolution mockup for your presentations. It just takes one double-click to apply, with a photo resolution of 5072×3381 and smart object placement.
White Flat iPad Air Vector Mockup

A vector mockup of a white iPad Air. Stylized, and a little bit different!
iPad Air White PSD Mockup

A white iPad mini lying on a marble tray, next to an oak plant. Perfect for placing your own designs on the screen.
iPad Mini Mockup

A simple mockup pack of iPad Mini. There isn’t much else to say!
iPhone & iPad Mockup “Exclusive”

A premium photorealistic PSD mockup of the iPad Mini, with an “Exclusive” slant. There are 20 different PSD templates in the bundle.
iPad Air Free Vector Mockup

Free black and white mockups of the iPad Air. These are free, and super-simple with a nice minimal look-and-feel.
iPad Mini Mockup Autumn

Premium photorealistic PSD Mockup of the iPad Mini in Autumn time. Easy to use because of smart layers, and ready for you to drop your own designs and app UI in.
Shiny Mockups of iPad Air

You like shiny things, right? You’ll love these. They’re shiny. iPad, of course, but shiny iPads. In all their glory!
In the Car: MacBook, iPad, iPhone Mockups

Showcase your app or responsive website in a luxury car. These photorealistic MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone mock-ups are fast and super-easy to use, thanks to smart objects layers.
iPad Air 2 Mockup

This layered mockup allows you to quickly display (via smart-object layers) your websites, app showcases and other designs. It has a really interesting, unique perspective.
iPad Mockup Photograph

A premium photorealistic PSD Mockup of the iPad in black, called “Nottingham”. Easy to use because of smart layers, and ready for you to drop your own work in!
iPad Perspective Mockup

A landscape, oblique angle view of iPad mockup design that you can download for free. Has a screen gloss effect that you can keep or remove.
iPad 2 PSD Mockup

A premium photorealistic PSD mockup of the iPad 2, named Black & White. Easy to use because of smart layers, and ready for you to drop your own work in!
iPad Mini Mockup

Download a free mockup of the iPad mini, set at an angle, with a nice chrome effect on the bevel around the edge.
iPad Web Preview Mockup

A free download of simple iPad web preview to display your own app or mobile website.
PSD Mockup iPad Mini Business

A photograph mockup of the iPad Mini named “Business”, showing a coffee cup, wooden table and, you guessed it, an iPad! Easy to use with smart layers, and ready for you to drop your own work in and get started with a new surround.
iPad Retina Mockup

A beautiful free iPad with Retina screen mockup, in both black and white.
iPad Mini Mockup Autumn

Another mockup of the iPad Mini in Autumn time (nice colours on those trees!). Ready for you to drop your own project or app in.
Living Room iPad Photo

Your app design deserves to be displayed in a professional manner. Place your image into the smart object in this PSD file, and thats all it takes. Simple!
iPad Mini Sketch Mockup

A free, colourful vector mockup design of iPad Mini. Looks good against this black background, or any other colour you choose.
iPad Showcase Mockup

A beautifully designed mockup pack of an iPad, with another unique perspective view. This one is fairly “stylized” and not photorealistic, but still looks great.
iPad Flat Mockup

FlatPad. What a unique idea. More or less. You can see where this one is going!
10 Beautiful iPad Mockups

This one is a fully editable smart object oriented set of iPad mockups that can be used to create some stunning product displays for your website or portfolio items.
10 Vintage iPad & iPhone Mockups

A collection of ten vintage-style iPad and iPhone mockups. All mock-ups with Smart Object replaceable screens. Once click screenshot replacement!
Price: $10
iPad Air Perspective Mockup

A free iPad mockup, with an isometric view. Best for displaying your app in portrait mode.
iPad Air Mockup

Delightfully simple, these two show black-on-white, and white-on-black variations of the iPad.
White iPad Mockup with Smart Objects

The screen reflection on these makes your app look alive inside of the mockup you place it in. But sometimes it’s nice to be able to control how much opacity the reflection has. In this PSD file you can control your reflection 100%, as it is put in a separate layer.
Other Mockup Collections
There are plenty more iPad mockups available on the web, or maybe looking for a collection of devices mockups for another category? We have several other features to help you out!

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