110+ [BEST] History Pick Up Lines EVER! (Cute & Dirty)

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1. “If you were on pearl harbor, they would’ve thrown flowers instead of bombs.”
2. “You are as hot as the Great Fire of London.”
3. “I must be identified with Ben Franklin. I’ve recently found some power between us.”
4. “Baby you’re hotter than Rome under Nero.”
5. “Don’t embargo my love!”
6. “You are the Renaissance to my Dark Ages, and you light up my world, girl.”
7. “My love for you is as contagious as the Black Plague.”
8. “I’m learning about important dates in history. Wanna be one of them?”
9. “Babe, your eyes are bluer than the ocean Columbus sailed… and I’m lost at sea.”
10. “Are you a historical landmark? Because Eiffel for you.”
11. “Like the economic policies of Jean Baptiste-Colbert, I’ll alway’s be true to you and never go astray or trade with another.”
12. “Your beauty could launch a thousand ships.”
13. “My love for you is like a Trojan Horse, it’ll sneak up on you when you least expect it.”
14. “Want to reenact the Battle of the Bulge?”
15. “Wow, how astonishing! You must be the eighth wonder of the world!”
16. “I’d go to the moon and back for you baby!”
17. “Like World War I, this will be the love to end all loves.”
18. “Roses are red and so is the state, let us be comrades because I think you are great!” [Carl Marx]
19. “I’ll be your Secretary of the Interior.”
20. “My heart burns like a witch for you.”
21. “Did you develop the plane? Cause you appear Wright to me.”
22. “Hey girl, you won’t need the Rosetta Stone to translate my love for you.”
23. “Did your parents work on The Manhattan Project? Because you’re the bomb!”
24. “Yea, I’ll try to purchase your love like Jefferson purchased Louisiana.”
25. “Like Martin Luther, I’m gonna post 95 reasons that will make you reconsider me.”
26. “Damn, girl, you’re hotter than Chicago in 1871.”
27. “You make me feel like the French. I just want to surrender to you.”
28. “Like the German currency post- World War I, you make my heart inflate.”
29. “Pope Urban II sent me on a crusade to conquer your heart.”
30. “It must be the Reign of Terror, because I am losing my head over you.”
31. “My love for you is like the Spanish Armada – unsinkable!”
32. “Babe… your love is like a dictatorship… it has absolute power over my heart!”
33. “Our love isn’t a jealous love – I won’t go all Napoleon and blockade you from your friends.”
34. “Hammurabi might have issued the first code of law in 1750BCE, but I just issued you my first code of love.”
35. “No one can debunk the fact that you are the center of my universe…”
36. “If you ask Thomas Paine, he’ll tell you that dating me is Common Sense.”
37. “The Great Depression is anytime when you’re not around.”
38. “Is your name Maya? Because I’d like to sacrifice you to the gods.”
39. “I’ll open your heart like Nixon opened the door to China in ’72.”
40. “Like America to Hawaii in 1898, you’ve annexed my heart.”
41. “Madam, it is imperative that you recognize my natural right to pursue your happiness.”
42. “Hey, girl! If you were a president, you’d be Babe-raham Lincoln.”
43. “Girl, this evening you’ll be similar to Ben Franklin. You’re gonna find electric power.”
44. “Hey, girl! I am falling for you like Berlin wall.”
45. “I wish to colonize your heart my dear.”
46. “Not even the Berlin Wall could keep me from you my dear.”
47. “Like Mao Zedong, I will walk 500 hundred miles for you.”
48. “Hey girl, that iron curtain won’t keep us apart.”
49. “Dr. Jonas Salk couldn’t create a vaccine to stop my love for you.”
50. “I’m sorry I wasn’t part of your past, want me to make it up by being in your future?”
51. “You must be related to Tesla because you’re electrifying.”
52. “Baby, you are hotter than the Great Fire of London.”
53. “Just call me Hernán Cortés because I’ll be the conquistador of your heart.”
54. “The Great Pyramid, the Sahara, the Nile, me… get the picture?”
55. “Are you a tower? Because Eiffel for you.”
56. “You remind me of the guillotine, I always lose my head around you dear.”
57. “Like the USSR in 1991, I’m falling for you girl.”
58. “Our love is like Cinco de Mayo, misunderstood by most.” #ItsNotMexicanIndependenceDay!
59. “I wouldn’t need the Emancipation Proclamation if I were your slave baby!”
60. “Baby you could even make the Cold War hot!”
61. “I’m like George Washington — I cannot tell a lie. So believe me when I say you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”
62. “It is safe to say that you are Lee Harvey Oswald? Since you blow my mind off.”
63. “You are the Rosetta Stone to my hieroglyphics.”
64. “Girl, let’s flee like Huguenots in the night!”
65. “It’s not a heliocentric universe anymore, babe, everything revolves around you.”

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