20 Visual Composer Add-ons (now WP Bakery)

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Are you using the popular Visual Composer (WpBakery) page builder on your site? Do you feel like what it offers isn’t enough for your needs? Here are 20 more Visual Composer add-ons for the now known as WPBakery page builder.
These add-ons will add new customization tools to your site, such as maps, charts, shortcodes, video backgrounds, page layouts, custom page types, and more.
Check out their full features and choose the ones you need. You will find both free and premium add-ons in this list.

The Showcase add-on for Visual Composer lets you create your own showcases for images. This is helpful for building portfolio pages, galleries or even for e-Commerce sites. It uses AJAX for the three different presentation styles.

Livemesh is extending the Visual Composer capabilities with a bunch of new features that will make it even better. Add descriptions to your services, display your headers differently, create a team members page and widget, create unique widgets for your sidebars, add simple charts to display your skills, and more.

Simply add background videos to your site without slowing it down, with this plugin/add-on for VC page builder. You can select any rows and add background videos to them.

Kobra Hover Effects is a WordPress plugin for Visual Composer that adds over 80 hover effects with 3 different styles to your site. Capture attention with these hover effects and add some interactivity to your site. It uses native CSS3 animation effects to add hover effects on your WordPress images.

This plugin adds some useful elements to the WPBakery Page Builder making it even more powerful. Integrate icons on your page, display grids, add the logos of your clients, and more.

This is another helpful plugin that lets you create CSS3 responsive pricing tables for WordPress. It comes with 2 table styles and 20 predefined color versions. This plugin is loaded with customization options. You will be able to edit the rows and table cells, expand the rows, create active columns, hover states, ribbons, icons, and more.

This WordPress plugin lets you generate maps with interactive functions, such as colored markets, countries, regions or continents. It works as a standalone plugin or it can be used in addition to VC.

Templatera is a template manager created by WPBakery. This popular add-on lets you quickly build page templates and manage the controls on them. You will be able to import and export your templates to use them on other websites!

If you need to create advanced tables in WordPress this table manager plugin is what you need. It gives you the tools needed to create tables with HTML using an easy to use drag and drop interface. You can even create analytics, reports, and more. Comes with pre-made themes too.

Testimonials showcasing has never been easier! Add cool testimonials on your site with this cool plugin. It comes with lovely layouts for your testimonials and will help future clients understand the benefits of the products or services you are selling.

This is another useful WordPress plugin that grants you the ability to clipboard things. This is particularly useful if you don’t want to switch screens all the time. Thus, you can copy and paste any existing blocks, rows, or any other VC element without switching screens. This works even for new designs.

This is an awesome and extremely useful plugin for photographers and portfolio websites. It helps you create amazing portfolio pages in minutes. You can even create complex designs with grids, filters, lists, and more. Custom queries for filters can also be used and you can even generate specific navigation menus for your portfolios.

Supreme Shortcodes is VC compatible but also works on those websites that are not powered by the WPBakery page builder. It adds a ton of shortcode elements for you to play with and further enhance your site’s capabilities. You can add tabs, buttons, pricing tables, modals, contact forms, charts, dividers, and more!

Add the carousel layout to any photo gallery you want, with this cool add-on for VC. You can use the carousel option for blog posts, testimonials, in header areas, for the team pages, and more. Create mobile-friendly carousels easily with this plugin.

Create different layouts for your WooCommerce product pages without having to know how to modify a single line of code. This add-on for WpBakery page builder lets you configure the way your product pages look in a minute! It adds features like lists, grid, and more.

This extension adds a modal popup to your page builder. Create beautiful popups for products, newsletters or offers with no customization limitations. You can use these modal popups for so many objectives, from email marketing, to contact forms, video showcase, and more.

Perfect for corporate and business presentation websites, this VC add-on is a WordPress plugin that lets you build a team page in minutes. It comes with pre-made templates to choose from, all of which are responsive and will blend perfectly into your website’s design. These page templates come with different options – you can create grids, add filters and sliders, add descriptions for each team member, add custom links, social media icons, and even cool animation effects.

Easily modify the layout of your blog posts by using this plugin. You can display them in any way you want and even create custom post layouts for different website pages, categories, and more.

If your current WordPress theme is WPBakery-compatible but doesn’t support a sidebar menu, this is the add-on you need. As the name states, this plugin lets you add sidebar menu on your website. You can create multiple sidebars with slide-in features, each with its own settings and customization options.

The Mosaic Gallery is an extendable and easy to install and customize WordPress gallery plugin extension for the Visual Composer/WP Bakery plugin. It is perfect for those of you who need a beautiful gallery added on their website, as it comes with built-in animation effects, pagination, and lightbox effects. You can create responsive galleries with ease and add a portfolio function to your site in minutes.

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