30+ Best Music & Band Flyer Templates

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Whether you’re working on a flyer design for your band’s next gig, or planning a big music festival, you’re going to need an awesome music or band flyer template.
We’ve tracked down some of the best modern, stylish music flyer templates to help you start designing a flyer for your band’s next event. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a project related to country, indie, jazz, rock, or pop music, there are templates in this list for all types of music.
All of the templates in this list are handpicked from Envato Elements. Which means you can download all the templates for the price of one when you subscribe to Envato Elements from only $19 a month.

If you’re planning a retro-themed music event, DJ event, or a dance party, this flyer template will come in handy. This template features a creative and colorful design that instantly attracts attention. The template comes in A4 size and it can be used to design both a flyer and a poster.

This music flyer template comes with a classic design featuring a bold layout. The template is perfect for designing a flyer for a rock music event or a festival. It’s available in Illustrator and Photoshop formats to let you customize the template using your favorite software.

This modern and attractive music flyer template features a futuristic electro vibe. Which makes it ideal for designing flyers and posters for DJ events, club music events, and electro music parties.

A unique music and band flyer template that you can use to design a flyer for a rock or pop music event. The design features a guitar pick that’s on fire. The template is available in light and dark color versions and comes in a fully layered PSD file.

This is a stylish flyer template designed specifically for music teachers. It features a minimal design that allows you to easily promote music classes and attract new students. The template is available in Illustrator format and comes in A4 size.

A colorful and a creative band flyer template that you can also use to promote music festivals. This template comes in an A4 size PSD file, fully layered and organized to let you easily customize the design.

This music and band flyer template is ideal for promoting your indie music festivals. The template features a classic design with a touch of modern elements. It comes in a fully editable PSD file with print-ready CMYK colors.

A simple and minimal music and band flyer template that comes with a clean design. This template is available in both PSD and AI file formats to let you customize the design however you like.

This retro-themed music flyer template comes with a design that’s perfect for promoting indie pop music events and festivals. You can edit the template using Photoshop CS5 or better and it’s available in 8.27 x 11.69 size.

This modern flyer template with a vintage feel comes in 3 different flyer designs that suit different types of music and band events. The templates are available in PSD format and you can easily customize them to change colors and text.

This groovy looking flyer template is designed for fun and hip pop music events, especially events at the beach for a younger audience. The vector file of the template is completely editable and comes in 21×29.7 cm size.

The perfect flyer for a five-person band to promote their gigs. This rock music flyer design features everything you need to effectively promote your events. It comes in a fully layered and editable vector file.

A great flyer template for promoting an indie performance or a live concert. The minimalist design and the perfect use of color make this flyer stand from the crowd. The flyer comes in A4 sized vector file.

This minimalist and classic flyer design is made for promoting jazz music events. Even with the minimal design, this flyer features all the elements of a flyer and it’s available in an editable PSD file.

Planning an indie music festival? Here’s a great flyer design to get you started on your promotion. This flyer will go along nicely with Rock, Alt-Rock, Garage, Urban and many other music events as well.

Everything about this flyer design shouts Rock music. It’s minimal, yet effective. This flyer is perfect for any rock or metal music event. It comes in both Photoshop and Illustrator files for easier customization.

This is a unique flyer that has a different kind of a design. It has a mixed look of classic and an old-school look that makes it ideal for a grunge or indie music event. The flyer is available in A4 size.

An old-school music flyer design for classic band events. Although, depending on the setting, the design will also work nicely for promoting a modern band as well. The colors and text of the flyer can be easily customized.

For designing a flyer with a classic and an old-school look, this template is simply perfect. It features a brilliant retro design and comes as a fully layered PSD file for easier editing.

This flyer template is made for promoting blues music events. It has all the elements and the perfect colors that match a blues music. The template is available as a PSD file of 8.27×11.69 size.

The beautiful design of this flyer featuring an old cassette tape will take your audience back to the good old days in the 90’s. This flyer will fit in with most 90’s band events and concerts.

A music flyer inspired by the recently released Suicide Squad movie. This flyer features the same colors and the style of the movie poster. Which makes it perfect for promoting a modern indie or a rock music event or even a DJ party. The template comes in 4×6inch size.

This flyer is designed for promoting indie, rock, and solo music events with special guest artists. The modern and minimal design add more value to the flyer as well. The template is fully layered and it can be customized quite easily with Photoshop CS5.

Despite the name, this music flyer template can be used to promote many different types of music events other than competitions. The flyer features a modern design that will fit in nicely with any modern music event.

The retro look never gets old and so does this design. A unique music flyer with a vintage design for promoting jazz, indie, blues, and country music events. This flyer comes in both Photoshop and Illustrator files in 8.27×11.69 size.

This flyer comes with a mix of both modern and retro design. It’s made for promoting indie, rock, and pop music concerts. The flyer comes in 8.27×11.69 size and it will also double as a poster as well.

It’s simple, minimal, and it’s black and white. The original design of this music flyer will attract anyone’s attention instantly. It’s designed for an indie music concert, but it will work with almost any other type of music event as well.

This colorful music flyer comes with an easily editable design and a large space for featuring a photo of your band as well as a spot for showcasing your brand logo for promotions.

Reggae music is quite popular these days. If you’re promoting a reggae music event, a concert, or a party, this flyer will fit in perfectly. The flyer features all the classic colors and the signs that are related to the music genre. The template comes with both AI and PSD files.

This flyer template is ideal for promoting a live music event. The big bold headline will instantly turn more than a few heads. And you’ll also be able to use the template as a poster as well.

A flyer template for promoting grunge music events. This template comes in two variations in two colors. Of course, you can also easily change colors if you like as well.

Another retro music flyer and poster combo featuring an old-school radio to represent the good old times. The colors and the design of this flyer make it look like something right out of the 80’s.

This minimalist and unique flyer design is truly one of a kind template with a brilliant approach to flyer design. It’s designed specifically for a jazz event. The inspiring look of this poster will be perfect to promote a truly one of a kind music event.

A music flyer template for promoting a soul music event. The template is fully layered and easily editable. You can change its colors and text using Photoshop CS5 without much effort.

Promote your indie music concert or festival with this flyer for effective promotion. The adorable and the beautiful design of this template makes it easier to display more information without too much clutter as well.

This flyer template is designed for electro, house, or dance music events. The template is fully editable and colors can be easily customized as well.

Another modern flyer template design for promoting a party or a DJ music event. The colors and the design of the flyer will immediately grab the attention of the young audience. And you can easily edit the template to change colors and text as well.

An old-school flyer template design for promoting a rock and roll music event. The template has been designed well to showcase lots of different information about the event while keeping its quality.

Country music is not for everyone, but this flyer will be perfect for promoting all kinds of country music related events, festivals, and concerts. The template comes as an 8.27×11.69 sized PSD file that can be quickly customized to fit your preference.

This jazz music flyer is designed for promoting the events of modern jazz musicians. It comes with a great image-based design that highlights the jazz music genre. The template can be edited to replace the image or change colors and text as well.

A hip music concert flyer with colors and a design that will help attract the young teen audience. The template can be edited with Photoshop CS5 and it comes in 8.27×11.69 size.

You can use this beautifully designed flyer template to promote a musical or a Broadway drama. The unique design of the flyer will make it stand out from the crowd.
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