35 Epic Norway Pictures to Inspire Your Next Trip

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Beautiful Norway, what can I say, a country that met every expectation we had before we set foot within it’s borders.  Notorious for quick changing weather, wind and fog, we were lucky to experience a full spectrum of photography scenarios that allowed us to create some pretty epic Norway pictures during our trip.

This challenge alone is the reason we have wanted to visit Norway for so long. There is just something about using moody weather to tell a story in a photo and Norway didn’t hold back during our visit. If you can believe it, we even experienced a straight week of 80˚F sunshine, definitely not something we were expecting.

In the midst of it all, Norway showed us idyllic fishing villages, staggering fjords, hidden places, rugged landscape, charming cities, busy wildlife and everything in between. It was a trip of dreams and the photos, truth be told, only really scratch the surface of what it is like to visit such a place.

We’ll do our best to bring you some of the very best from our trip with these photos and if we inspire you to add Norway to your bucket list, then mission accomplished.


35 Epic Norway Pictures to Inspire Your Next Trip

Norway Pictures - Tromsø - Lina Stock

Literally the very first photo I took after arriving in Tromsø, Norway


Norway Pictures - Tromsø - Lina Stock

Springtime contrasts in Tromsø


Norway pictures - Nordkapp - Lina Stock

Sailing north from Tromsø towards Nordkapp in the Midnight Sun


Norway Pictures - Troll Statue - Lina Stock

No visit to Norway is complete without troll stories


Norway Photos - Nordkapp - Lina Stock

On the edge at Nordkapp – the Northernmost point in Europe


Norway pictures - Nordkapp - Lina Stock

Where the European continent meets the Arctic Ocean in Nordkapp


Norway photos - Nordkapp Sami Tribe - Lina Stock

Arctic Sami camp near Nordkapp


Norway photos - Uløya - Lina Stock

Our first taste of village scenery in Norway in Uløya


Norway photos - Stock Fish - Lina Stock

Off the beaten path in Uløya, we had our first encounter with Norway’s famous stock fish


Norway photos - Uløya - Lina Stock

The only ship in port at Uløya on a temperamental weather day


Norway photos - Trollsfjord - Lina Stock

The emergence of Spring along the Trollsfjord in Northern Norway


Norway Pictures - Lofoten Islands - Lina Stock

Reflections for days in the Lofoten Islands


Norway pictuers - Henningsvar Lofoten Islands - Lina Stock

Stealing a quiet moment in Henningsvær, Lofoten Islands


Norway Photos - Nusfjord Lofoten Islands - Lina Stock

Peaceful fishing village of Nusfjord, Lofoten Islands


Norway photos - Nusfjord Kittywakes - Lina Stock

Nesting Kittywakes on the window ledges of Nusfjord in the Lofoten Islands


Norway pictures - Lofoten Islands - Lina Stock

Idyllic tourist cabins for rent in the Lofoten Islands


Norway Pictures - Reine Lofoten Islands - Lina Stock

The famous village of Reine and it’s sister village Hamnøy are among the most photographed places in Norway


Norway photos - Lofoten Islands - Lina Stock

Our last village in the Lofoten Islands, can you believe that sky?


Norway Pictures - Norway midnight sun - Lina Stock

Sunset never quits when you travel up the coast of Norway, above the Arctic Circle, during the Midnight Sun


Norway pictures - Svartisen - Lina Stock

Peeking through the trees on our hike to the Svartisen Glacier


Norway pictures - Svartisen Glacier - Lina Stock

Getting up close and personal with Norway’s second largest glacier at Svartisen


Norway pictures - Lovund - Lina Stock

Moody afternoon of Lovund, taken while hiking to a puffin nesting area


Norway pictures - Vega Stock Fish - Lina Stock

Couldn’t resist this shot of drying stock fish in the sun, despite having to dodge the salt drip


Norway photos - Torghatten - Lina Stock

The stunning Torghatten, said to have been formed by the Huntsman Troll while he was chasing the beautiful girl. Realized he would not catch her he released an arrow to kill her but the troll-king threw his hat into the arrow’s path to save her forming the mountain we see today.


Norway photos - Torghatten - Lina Stock

View from inside the hole in the mountain at Torghatten


Norway photos - Trondheim Nidaros Cathedral - Lina Stock

Trondheim’s Nidaros Cathedral is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world


Norway pictures - Trondheim Hanseatic Houses - Lina Stock

Hanseatic houses in Trondheim’s historical district


Norway pictures - Seven Sisters Geiranger Fjord - Lina Stock

The Seven Sisters Waterfall in Geiranger Fjord


Norway pictures - Geiranger Fjord Cruise - Lina Stock

Only ship in port on a clear day in Geiranger Fjord with G Adventures


Norway pictures - Geiranger Fjord - Lina Stock

View from Eagle’s Bend Lookout in Geiranger Fjord


Norway pictures - Dalsnibba Geiranger Fjord - Lina Stock

View from Dalsnibba, the tallest point of the Geriranger Fjord


Norway Pictures - Urnes Stave Church - Lina Stock

Taking in a beautiful day at the historic Stave Church in Urnes


Norway pictures - Trolltunga hike - Lina Stock

Blazing a trail through the snow on the hike to Trolltunga


Norway pictures - Ringedalsvatnet Lake - Lina Stock

View over  Ringedalsvatnet Lake on this hiking route to Trolltunga


Norway photos - Trolltunga - Divergent Travelers

Finally taking in the view from the tip of the Troll’s tongue at Trolltunga

Plan Your Own Norway Photo Adventure

As you can see, Norway is insanely photogenic and no matter which corners you choose to visit, you’re sure to get some great shots. Even on the not so great weather days, we were able to find the beauty that the country holds.

Having done it ourselves, we are big believers in seeing Norway by a cruise. Our particular itinerary started in Trømso and sailed up to the Northernmost point in Europe, Nordkapp, before turning around and heading all the way south to Bergen. Along the way we stopped off in famous villages, small off the beaten path islands, explored many of Norway’s understated natural wonders and of course, some of the most famous too.

This kind of itinerary was made possible by choosing to cruise on a small ship versus a mega ship. We were able to get into places where few other travelers visit, let alone other cruise ships. Many of the places we visited are not possible to visit unless you are on a small ship.

Ready to plan your own adventure in Norway? Have a look at the exact itinerary we did on our 11 day Cruising the Norwegian Fjords in Depth tour with G Adventures. Note, we spent several extra days in Bergen after the cruise and also planned our hike to Trolltunga separate from the cruise.

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Disclosure: Our cruise on the G Expedition was in partnership with G Adventures. However, all opinions, stories and experiences are 100% mine. As always. This post contains affiliate links, meaning we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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