4 Best WordPress Sales Themes (+ Why You Should Use a Page Builder Instead)

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4 Best WordPress Sales / Landing Page Themes (+ Why You Should Use a Page Builder Instead)

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Searching for the best WordPress landing page themes?

We’ve got ’em here for you in this post. However, this is a tricky topic because, in 2021 and beyond, you probably don’t want a dedicated WordPress theme just for your landing page or sales pages. 

Instead, it’s usually better to use a WordPress page builder plugin, which lets you use a visual, drag-and-drop editor to add a 100% custom/standalone landing page to any WordPress theme (and has lots of helpful templates).

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves because that’s a topic for later in this post. We’ll start by listing the top WordPress landing page themes in 2021 and beyond. 

Then, we’ll explain in more depth why a page builder plugin probably makes a better option if your goal is to build WordPress landing pages and share some of the top page builders to use for landing pages.

4 Best WordPress Landing Page Themes

If you’re hard-set on finding a WordPress sales and landing page theme, here are your best options in 2021 and beyond.

1. OptimizePress + SmartTheme

If you want to build high-converting landing pages, OptimizePress is literally made for you. When you purchase OptimizePress, you get access to both the OptimizeBuilder page builder plugin and the SmartTheme marketing theme.

Together, they help you build beautiful, effective landing and sales pages that match your entire site.

Because OptimizePress is 100% focused on helping you get more leads and sales, it comes with tons of useful landing page features including:

250+ optimized landing page templatesVisual, drag-and-drop building and customization via the powerful OptimizeBuilder (one of the top visual builders for landing pages)Useful widgets like opt-in forms and countdown timersBuilt-in integrations with popular email marketing services and webinar platformsOn higher-tier plans, you’ll also get advanced features like a marketing funnel builder, built-in payments/checkouts, scarcity alerts, and more.

All in all, if you’re a marketer and you want to churn out high-quality landing pages in any niche, OptimizePress + SmartTheme is probably the best option for you.

? You can learn more in our detailed OptimizePress review.

Price: From $99 – make sure to use our OptimizePress coupon to save some money.

Get OptimizePress Theme

2. Divi

One of the many Divi theme landing page templatesLike OptimizePress, Divi is another theme that comes bundled with a visual, drag-and-drop page builder, which gives you lots of control over your landing pages. Or, you can also use the builder as a standalone plugin to add landing pages to any other theme.

If you want, you can build 100% unique landing pages from scratch. These pages can be 100% separate from the rest of your site and include conversion-focused elements like opt-in forms and countdown timers.

Or, you can also import a pre-built landing page template from Divi’s huge library of importable templates. For example, the screenshot above of the ebook landing page is one of the 184+ landing page templates that Divi offers.

The key features of this WordPress landing page theme include:

Visual, drag-and-drop builder800+ total templates including 184+ dedicated landing page templatesOption to create standalone landing pages that are separate from the rest of your theme’s designBuilt-in A/B testing to help you optimize your designsBuilt-in integrations with popular email marketing servicesDedicated modules for opt-in forms, countdown timers, pricing tables, and more? You can learn more in our review of the Divi theme or page builder version.

Price: $89 for access to all of the developer’s products and use on unlimited sites. This includes other useful landing page tools like Bloom, which lets you create various types of opt-in popups.

Make sure to save money with our Divi/Elegant Themes coupon.

Get Divi Theme

3. Landkit

Landkit is a flexible landing page theme that comes with a variety of templates to help you create squeeze pages, lead generation pages, webinar registrations, and lots more. It comes bundled with the Hybrid Composer page builder to allow for easy customizations.

Thanks to 17 built-in homepage demos, it can work for a variety of niches and use cases. However, I would definitely say that it’s more angled towards technology-related niches, like apps, software, online services, etc.

Other key features include:

Global color schemes for easy style controlWooCommerce compatibility70+ page elements in Hybrid ComposerFull page template to create 100% unique landing pagesDetailed style and layout customization optionsPrice: $49

Get Landkit theme

4. ShiftKey

ShiftKey is a beautiful, modern WordPress landing page theme that comes with 15+ different demos to help you find the perfect landing page for your needs. Most of these demos are focused on technical niches such as web agencies, apps, software, and similar areas.

However, you could easily adapt them to other niches as long as you like the nice, modern look. To allow for easy customization, ShiftKey comes bundled with the visual, drag-and-drop WPBakery Page Builder plugin.

Key features include:

15+ pre-built demo sites and one-click demo installs60+ design blocks to use in your landing pagesBundled drag-and-drop page builder plugin (WPBakery Page Builder)Responsive and Retina readyPre-defined color schemesPrice: $44

Get Shiftkey theme

The Better Way to Create a WordPress Theme With Landing Page

In 2021, WordPress has shifted away from using themes dedicated for very specific niches such as landing pages and towards WordPress page builder plugins.

WordPress page builders let you use a visual, drag-and-drop interface to build custom designs. The key thing here is that you aren’t limited to working “inside” your existing theme’s design – you can work from a 100% blank canvas, even hiding your theme’s header and footer if needed.

The advantages of using a page builder plugin instead of a dedicated WordPress theme with landing page are that:

You can create 100% unique designs without needing any technical knowledge – you aren’t limited to your landing page theme’s templates.You can use any theme for your “regular” site. This lets you choose from the best WordPress themes, rather than a limited list of WordPress themes with landing pages. You can also easily change your theme down the road without losing your landing pages.You get access to hundreds of pre-built landing page templates for all types of niches.Basically, a page builder lets you turn any theme into a WordPress landing page theme, while also giving you more control over your landing pages via the visual, drag-and-drop interface. That’s a tough value proposition to argue with.

If you want to learn more, we have full posts on the best WordPress page builder plugins and best landing page plugins. However, here’s the quick rundown on some of our favorites.

Thrive Architect

One of Thrive Architect’s many landing page templatesThrive Architect is a visual, drag-and-drop builder that’s primarily marketed towards marketers, which makes it especially great for landing pages.

You’ll get a speedy inline editor that lets you quickly spin up landing pages. Or, you can start from one of the 269+ included landing page templates.

You’ll also get built-in modules for things like email opt-ins and countdown timers (including an evergreen option) and you can sync up with your favorite email marketing or webinar services.

The same developer also makes other plugins that can help you improve your landing pages. For example, Thrive Optimize adds A/B testing functionality to your Thrive Architect designs and Thrive Leads (our review) lets you create various popup opt-in offers.

? You can learn more in our full Thrive Architect review.

Price: From $67 for use on a single site. Or, get it as part of the Thrive Membership, which includes all of the developer’s plugins and costs $19 per month (paid annually).

Get Thrive Architect


One of the many Divi plugin landing page templatesWe already featured Divi above in the themes section. However, in addition to the Divi theme, Divi also comes as a standalone plugin that you can use with any WordPress theme.

With the plugin, you’ll still get access to all of the great features that we discussed above like the 184+ landing page templates, opt-in modules, and more. The only difference is that you can use it with your existing WordPress theme to create standalone landing pages.

You can read our review of the Divi plugin to learn more.

Price: $89 for access to all of the developer’s products and use on unlimited sites. Make sure to save money with our Divi/Elegant Themes coupon.

Get Divi


Like Divi, you can use OptimizePress as both a theme and a plugin. If you want, OptimizePress includes its own Smart Theme that you can use. However, the OptimizeBuilder (which is what you use to design landing pages) will actually work with any WordPress theme.

For that reason, OptimizePress also deserves a spot in this section and all the same features/benefits apply as above.

Price: From $99 – make sure to use our OptimizePress coupon to save some money.

Get OptimizePress


One of the many landing page templates in Elementor ProBy the numbers, Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin. Like the others, it offers a speedy visual, drag-and-drop builder that allows for easy inline editing.

With just the free version at WordPress.org, you can already build some great-looking landing pages and get access to a decent number of landing page templates.

However, the fun really starts if you upgrade to Elementor Pro because you get the following features:

Form widget – use it to create email opt-in forms that connect to popular services (including Zapier) or your own custom lead gen forms.Popup Builder – use the visual builder to create custom popups and display them anywhere on your site using various rules.Marketing widgets – beyond the form widgets, you get other useful marketing widgets like regular or evergreen countdown timers, testimonials, CTAs, and more.Lots more templates – you’ll get access to a lot more professionally-designed landing page templates.You can learn more in our full Elementor review.

Price: From $49 for use on a single site

Get Elementor Pro


One of the many landing page templates in Brizy ProBrizy is another popular WordPress page builder plugin that makes a great option for landing pages. One of its standout features is how quickly its optimized visual editor lets you design landing pages.

Brizy keeps many of its settings “inline”, which lets you really quickly customize your design without skimping on style and layout controls. It also includes tons of features that are great for landing pages and marketing, though you’ll need Brizy Pro for the best options.

With the free version at WordPress.org, you can build some good-looking landing pages. However, I recommend going Pro for landing pages because it adds:

A visual popup builderForm widgets and integrations with popular email marketing services and ZapierShape dividers…lots of other useful design options for sales pagesPrice: $49 for use on up to 3 sites

Get Brizy Pro

WordPress Landing Page Theme FAQ

How do I create a landing page in WordPress?

While you can use a landing page theme, most users will be better off with a WordPress page builder plugin. Page builder plugins let you design your own custom landing pages with a visual, drag-and-drop interface.

Should I use a dedicated WordPress landing page theme?

Not in most situations. Using a page builder is a better option for most people because it gives you more control, features, and flexibility.

Will page builders still let me build standalone landing pages?

Yes! All of these page builders let you build 100% unique landing pages that are entirely separate from your theme. That is, you can easily hide your theme’s header/footer so that only your landing page content displays.

Create Your WordPress Landing Page Today

WordPress makes a great option for landing pages. However, in 2021 and beyond, you probably don’t want a dedicated WordPress landing page theme (unless you choose a flexible option like OptimizePress SmartTheme or Divi).

Instead, you should use a WordPress page builder plugin. Page builder plugins not only give you more template choices and control over your landing pages, but they’ll also work with any WordPress theme.

If you’re not sure where to get started, two of the best options for landing pages are:

You can also check out our collection of the best page builder plugins or landing page builders, as well as the top conversion-focused themes.

Still have any questions about WordPress landing page themes? Ask in the comments!

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