4 Insanely Easy Tasks To Jump Start Your Remote Job Search

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4 Insanely Easy Tasks To Jump Start Your Remote Job Search

Job searches are tough. Remote job searches are even more difficult. Not only do you have to go through all the steps of a traditional job search, you have to avoid scams too.

This can make the job search process seem even longer and more tedious than usual. It’s no wonder, then, so many people want to transition to remote work but far fewer actually do.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, you can use these four insanely simple tasks to jump start your remote job search today.

1. Set Up A Professional Job Search Email Address

This is super simple but often overlooked. I work with many career coaching clients who have less than professional email addresses. GymGod4Life and IHaveBieberFever are perfectly fine for personal use. But as a job seeker, you need something a little more professional.

Head on over to Google and sign up for a free Gmail account. Choose an email address that matches your name on professional docs like your resume and LinkedIn Profile. For example:

FirstNameLastName@gmail.com orFirstNameMiddleInitialLastName@gmail.com. I always recommend Gmail for professional use. Not only is it simple, but it comes with a lot of free tools that remote teams often use like Google Docs, Sheets, and Meet.

In just a few minutes, you will have a professional remote job search email address and be ready to use remote collaboration tools from the start. How’s that for a win win?

2. Update Your Resume

Nobody likes to write or update their resume. That’s probably why resume reviews are my most popular career coaching services. But, although it can be a tedious task, it is super important you always have your resume updated and ready to go.

First things first, look at your contact information. Make sure your name matches the email address you just created for job searching. (If you used FirstNameMiddleInitialLastName@gmail.com, your resume needs to include First Name I. Last Name too) Also, don’t forget to add your new email address to your resume at the very top.

Next, delete any outdated information. Old and unused resume sections include an Objective Statement and “References Available Upon Request.” Including these will make your resume read dated. Replace them with more modern and relevant sections like Professional Summary and Technical Skills.

Pictured below is a standard resume layout that works well for pretty much everyone.

Remember, you will customize your resume for every single job you apply for (fun, right?) Even so, you need a solid base or standard version of your resume that you can easily tailor to individual jobs across different industries, fields and departments.

So take an hour or so and dust off your old resume. Give it a little makeover. Update your contact information. Remove outdated sections. Add new jobs and skills. Create a template-style format you can quickly customize.

Taking the time now to do this will save you a ton of time (and frustration) when you go to apply for jobs. Plus, it makes your resume more likely to get past Applicant Tracking System and in front of a real person.

3. Review Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that your email address and resume match (same name and same contact information) it’s time to make sure your LinkedIn Profile is on point too.

Again, check to make sure your name matches what you have on your resume and as your email address. Next, update your profile picture. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a professional headshot.

Instead, make sure you have a recent and clear picture of yourself. You can take the DIY route directly in the LinkedIn App. There’s a profile picture feature with built-in editor that works pretty well. LinkedIn wouldn’t have it if they didn’t want you to use it. So, take advantage of it and take a few new shots of yourself.

Remember, as a remote job seeker, you want your personality to shine. A high resolution shot of yourself in casual clothing with a smile can go a long way in making you seem real and approachable.

Now is the time to also update your work experience and add any new skills to your profile. Remember to change your headline to the job you hope to get and not your current job title. Bonus points if you create a vanity LinkedIn URL. This will help you get found more easily in searches and helps keep your ‘brand’ consistent.

I’ve written a long post about creating a powerful LinkedIn Profile. Give it a read if you really want to get into the ins and outs of LinkedIn for remote job seekers. But, keep in mind, it will take longer than a day to completely optimize your profile.

4. Check Your Social Media Channels for Consistency and Content

It’s estimated that 80% of recruiters will google you before they invite you to interview. What comes up on google searches are often your social media profiles. What they find on these profiles can seriously make or break your chances of getting hired.

So, now is the time to comb through your social media channels. Again, make sure your name is consistent across all platforms. If you’re Ashlee Anderson on Facebook, Ashlee K. Anderson on LinkedIn and A. Anderson on Twitter it can really throw people off. Stick with the same name on everything, and I do mean everything— social media, resume, email, etc.

Also, while you’re job searching, be sure to use the same profile picture across all platforms. This makes you easily identifiable and helps you come across as a cohesive hire. (You can even use that updated LinkedIn headshot you just took!).

Lastly, audit your social channels for content. Get rid of any racy pictures, foul language or emotionally charged posts. Keep things PG and PC and you’ll be fine.

There are a lot of things you might post on social media that can keep you from getting a job. Avoid them to give yourself the best chance of getting interviews and job offers.

Easy Remote Job Search Tasks

There you have it. I know job searching is hard. That’s why I always like to share quick and easy strategies that actually work.

Remember these 4 simple and insanely effective tips whenever you decide to launch your remote job search. Before you know it, you’ll officially kick your cubicle to the curb. You’ve got this!

Need help? Work with me! I’m a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) that specializes in remote work. My services are uniquely tailored to remote job seekers for an entirely virtual career coaching experience. Learn more about what I do and how I can help and book your first appointment today!

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