6 Reasons Why You Need a Gaming Mouse

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If you are planning to upgrade any gaming console, then a gaming mouse should be part of your plans. Most of these devices come with a wide array of features. It could also come down to the type of games you play. You will want to choose between an RTS, RPG or FPS gaming mouse.

There’s also the wide range of uses for the device. Our guide on how to choose the right gaming mouse can make things easier for you. Keep reading to find out what you need to look for in any gaming mouse.

Where to start

The start usually puts most gamers to the ultimate challenge. First, what do you want from the device? Start by identifying your gaming preference. You can base your decision on whether you like RPG, FPS or RTS game types. You may even take the fun to another level with MMO gaming. For the first person shooter, also known as FPS, you will have quite a task. And this means identifying the type of player you want to be. If you are into RPG games, then things are sure to be easy for you. Here, you don’t need one with many buttons that you can program or high DPI needs.

Perfectly accurate and highly sensitive

The precision in these mice boils down to a rather simple aspect. The DPI, or dots per inch, is the key to how accurate any mouse can be in use. If you want a more accurate mouse, then go for high DPI. Again, this is all in the hardware of the device itself. Things are a bit different for the sensitivity though, you can always adjust this one using the software. As such, you will be able to achieve far less such issues as unnecessary drag.

The performance has seen the gaming mouse outstand other types by far. Then there’s the high sensitivity level, which makes it handy when playing virtually any game. On most other mice, you may have to shift the device several millimetres before seeing any cursor movement. Even then, the cursor might move way beyond where you wanted it.

Custom buttons

gaming mouse

One of the most exciting things about gaming mice is the outstanding experience they deliver in virtually every aspect. The sensitivity will blow you away, and the buttons customization could be outright stunning. Most of these devices will come with well over the normal 2-buttons and a single scroll wheel.  Gaming mice have buttons on top, the side, and even on the grip part of the device.

The software is another thing that takes the customization of any gaming mouse a higher notch. The software in these mice goes a long way in enhancing your gaming experience. You can always use it to customize your device’s buttons as you wish. It also lets you in on the level of your battery charge.

This proves handy in case of a wireless gaming mouse. Besides, you will be able to use it to assign several configurations according to the different games. This also applies to the user profile, which you can set to be loaded automatically. Above all, you may find the software crucial when you want to customize the sensitivity.

And the durability

Gaming can be an intense undertaking sometimes. You may have to play for hours on end in some cases. In such a time, you will be moving your gaming mouse all the while. This exerts immense stress on the device due to moving it, relentless clicking and more. As such, you need a mouse that can take some beating.

There will always be the risk of slamming your mouse or hitting it against the desk when carried away in the intensity of gaming. Remember, there’s the aspect of normal wear and tear too. With all these possibilities stuck against you, the best way is getting a mouse that won’t break halfway. Do a bit of footwork to find out which gaming mice are the most resilient in action. This could be about the features, material or the construction of the device.

Consider the weight too

The mouse fitting comfortably in your hand is one thing. But achieving the right feel can be a completely different thing. You need to have an easy time as you move the gizmo across the desk. And this is where things can get a bit tricky. But you can always outsmart this challenge with one crucial feature, the weight setting.

Some gaming mice out there come with options for adjusting the weight. This includes the option to add and remove the weight to tune the device according to your needs. The secret here is the use of included metal weights. You have the freedom to add these to the mouse or remove them within seconds.

Different options to choose from: optical, infrared and laser

The sensory aspect of any mouse determines its efficiency on the job. And this usually comes in 3 diverse options. You have the laser, the infrared and the optical options. Laser types are some of the most common around.

One great thing about this sensor is the ability to use it virtually anywhere. Nevertheless, the lift-off distance in these ones surpasses that of the optical mouse. But don’t move it to the edge of the mat. If you lift your hand as you move it, the cursor moves along too.

Most gamers thus go for the optical mice, but this means always having a quality mouse pad. Hence, the mouse can accurately read the surface for the best output. You have yet another option to go for, the 3G infrared mouse. This sensor helps reduce the lift-off distance issues that haunt the laser sensors. Besides, it is great for use on almost any surface. It comes in as one of the best options around too.

Wired or wireless would do

Most gamers struggle to make the right choice here. On one side, the wireless gaming mouse can reduce the labyrinth of cables around. However, it uses radio waves to send signals, which can cause a slight response delay. The latest mice come with very little if no lag at all.

Nevertheless, for the fastest response, a wired mouse always takes the lead. Wireless mice also suffer due to relying on batteries. You may thus have to look for spare batteries down the road. Not forgetting, these batteries will add some weight to the device. So if you want a super light one, then this could be a problem for you.

There will always be a lot to benefit from in a gaming mouse. Go for the ergonomic design and more. If you are left-handed, then you can get the right one for you too. However, finding the ideal mouse for your needs is a simple task. Make sure to check out the aspects that count to find the perfect pick. Most importantly, factor in the aspect of budget too. And this goes not only for the mouse and other components, you also need to consider how much gaming can cost  you. Gaming gets better when you are in control. Nothing puts you in charge than an ideal gaming mouse. You will need it.

This post was written by Matt Cupper. He is passionate about gaming and is fond of playing games and sharing ideas with other dedicated readers. Hell-bent on getting things done right and at the right time. Lover of cats and all things adventure.


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