Best Examples of Animated Logos

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Your logo is crucial to your brand.
Not only is it the first thing that a potential consumer sees, but it also becomes the most used piece in your marketing arsenal.
You see logos on products, profiles, websites, as well as anything else directly related to your brand and your company.
3 Reasons You Need an Animated Logo
Animated logos add some extra zing to your marketing prowess. Before we discuss some of the best examples of animated logos, let’s start with why you should consider using one.
Animated Logos Are More Unique
Not everyone has an animated logo. Consider the idea that animation is also different because it also keeps your customer engaged for a longer amount of time, even if it is just a few seconds. A lot can happen in a few seconds, including getting and keeping your viewer’s attention.

You Raise Brand Awareness
Why do you even have a logo? It’s to raise your brand awareness.
With that in mind, why not opt for an animated logo? By doing so, you’re making a more meaningful connection to your customer base. By having a consistent animated logo, your brand becomes more than just a typical static image.
Instead, your animated logo becomes an opportunity to create a long-lasting impression resulting in a higher level of brand awareness.
It’s Inexpensive to Implement
So there are a couple of routes to go with this. You can make a one-time investment in a set of animated logos that can be used in different ways which mean you’re making your marketing dollars stretch further.
Alternatively, there are also free resources that are available that allow you to make your animated logo yourself, which is a wonderful option, especially if you don’t have much in the budget, to begin.
Best Examples of Animated Logos



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Mozilla Firefox

National Geographic

Moving On to the Best Examples of Animated Logos
So now you know why having an animated logo is a fantastic choice, but now you need to find inspiration for creating your animation.
Here is a list of animated logos that you may or may not have heard of, but all of them are bound to make you take a second look.

Oh yes, Amazon. They have an animated logo, and you know you’ve seen it. You know it’s a recognizable image. Between the smile and the word spelling out, you’d know that logo just about anywhere.

You know you’ve made yourself well-known when your brand becomes a verb. Google has its own animated logo, too, and you’ve probably seen it before.
Colorful and memorable, Google’s animation goes from dots to audio indicators to a microphone to a “G” – all in the traditional Google colors.

FedEx is another big company that has adopted an animated logo for its use. They use arrows going in all sorts of directions to create their brand’s image.
The arrows shoot across the screen, leaving what looks like pathways in their wake. The design is tied into their industry as being a well-known courier and package delivery service.

Most people have heard of the slogan from MasterCard that goes, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”
Their animated logo holds true to that. Every image that is used on their logo indicates a sort of experience where you could easily use your MasterCard from eating out to travel.
Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has become a recognized powerhouse in a web browser, and their animated logo shows it, too.
The logo consists of a fox going around the world at a really fast speed. Think about that. The animated logo represents exactly who Firefox wants to be – a browser with a global presence.
National Geographic

National Geographic has become a widely respected and recognized authority on many different subjects across the globe.
Their animated logo has an air of sophistication as well as an homage to the technological age, indicating that although they have been around for a long time, they are as relevant now as they ever were.
Different Types of Animated Logos
First, you’ve got to know where and when to use an animated logo. Animated logos can be used in several different ways.
Here are some ideas for you on how and where to use one.
Images abound on Instagram, so why not use it here? As IG is highly visual, it is the ideal social media platform to showcase your logo.
You can use animated logos in multiple ways with videos. You can use one as your intro, or you can even use a smaller version in a corner during playback.
Don’t use the typical, static logo in your site’s header. Instead, use your animated logo to make a more significant impact on your audience.
Facebook & Twitter
Post a link to a video or animated logo and watch it just go. Since both can be set to auto-play, it’s sure to get a great response from your crowd.
How to Make an Animated Logo
Animated logos don’t need to be difficult. In fact, there are many different DIY logo applications that you can try out yourself.
Keep in mind, that although these will be less expensive in the short run, an investment in an animated logo from a professional designer will likely look more polished. That doesn’t mean DIY ones shouldn’t be done, but more that at some point, you may want to update your animation.

You’ll find a nifty tutorial on how to create an animated logo via Keynote over at Music for Makers. Logan, the person doing the teaching, shows you how to build a logo animation with a technique that many people are already familiar with.
He walks you through creating the project, creating the animations, previewing the project, and ultimately exporting the finished animation.
As a bonus, he says you might even be able to do this on your iPad, too.
Smashing Logo

This site is a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking for a simple design for your logo. You go out to it, input some information, and then just like that, you’ve got some designs to choose from.
While they are limited, you might still very well find what you’re looking for if you take a minute to check out Smashing Logo.
It’s all online, too, so it is incredibly simple and doesn’t cost very much if you decide to purchase one of the logos that are generated for you.
Hire a Freelancer

Hiring someone to create your logo is great, especially if you’re hiring a freelancer. You’ll find a trove of them on places like Fiverr as well as other work-for-hire sites.
Making Your Animated Logo Your Own
As you consider designing your animated logo, think about what your logo is meant to say about you. Will it represent your company values? Will it represent your company products?
Your logo has the potential to say a lot about you. Consider the logos that were discussed earlier, and take it from the pros. Put real thought into your logo design because it will represent your company and your brand. Be sure to give it the attention it deserves.
Last but not least, don’t be afraid to be different by choosing an animated logo. Who knows? Your logo could end up on a list of the best-animated logos out there if you take a leap of faith and give it a shot!

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