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We don’t have to define what is the Blogging Contest. It’s Clearly Simple so join us.

When Blogging contest will start and end, date and time will be added  here and you will got a notification about this before couple of days. So be relax and Sign up  on the Switch Your Mood.

Read Term & Condition Below:
  1. Blogging Language must be Hindi or English.
  2. Maximum and minimum 1 Blog Post Allowed.
  3. Minimum Words limit for the blog post is 1000 words.
  4. Thumbnail Image recommended.
  5. Don’t copy content from another website. IF we find something like this or anyone complain about it or google detect copy content on our website then your account will be banned for lifetime.
  6. Choose Category or Topic to write your post but before submission your blog post don’t forget to add your post to “Blogging Contest” category (Recommended) because If you leave this step then you are not eligible to this contest.
  7. Result display on the end of blogging Contest Day.


How to win this contest?  Only post something on the website not a only way to win a game. You have to play this like a pro. You have to prove that your post is relate to the audience and  really connect to them.

So complete these given tasks.

  1. Submit Your Contest Blog post.
  2. Blog Post Views:  50,000 views
  3. Blog Post Votes : 10,000 Upvotes
  4. Blog Post Reactions : 5,000(Only one reaction will be counted which rated high)
  5. Don’t use bots traffic or any other cheap ways to complete the tasks. If you do that your account got suspended and if you earned something then it’s all got flushed.
  6.  Most Important: it’s not important that you registered after starting the Contest or before. Important thing is you have to publish one blog post during contest with all Respective Term & Conditions. 

Thanks for reading this. That’s all the Term & Conditions apply in this Contest. Have a Good Time

Winning Amount = $100

Winning Amount = $50

Winning Amount = $25

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*Money raised goes their Families 
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Personality quiz
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