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I am pretty sure that you are here means you interested in this RS.10,000 /$150 Game. Yes you hear right its a 150$ game but its divide into 2 parts. 1st price is 100$ and 2nd is 50$. So read the game rules and winning condition below..


Every Game has its rules. So here we discuss the rules of Blogging Contest.  So here we start.

  1. This Contest Starts from 1st September 2018 to 30th September 2018. So Login or Register before 1st September or after it to join the contest.
  2. Blogging Language must be Hindi or English.
  3. Maximum and minimum 1 Blog Post Allowed.
  4. Minimum Words limit for the blog post is 2000 words.
  5. Thumbnail Image recommended.
  6. Don’t copy content from another website. IF we find something like this or anyone complain about it or google detect copy content on our website then your account will be banned for lifetime.
  7. Choose Category or Topic to write your post but before submission, your blog post doesn’t forget to add your post to “Blogging Contest” category (Recommended). If you leave this step then you are not eligible to this contest.
  8. Result display on 30th


How to win this contest?  Only post something on the website is not the only way to win a game. You have to play this like a pro. You have to prove that your post is related to the audience. So complete the gives tasks.

  1. Submit Your Contest Blog post.
  2. Share it on Social media platforms. We have more than 40+ Sharing Channel. So share your post wherever you want to share and you are also free to share your post where you want to share.
  3. If you want to win then your Blogging post needs 50,000 views, 10,000 Upvotes, and 20,000 reactions(Only one reaction will be counted which rated high). it’s very easy to do. For eg: World total population is 7.6 and 3 billion people use Facebook daily. So I don’t think it’s hard to just earn 50000 views and others.
  4. Don’t use bots traffic or any other cheap ways to complete the tasks. If you do that your account got suspended and if you earned something then it’s all got flushed.
  5. We do not bother that when you got registered. You only are the part of the contest when you post your blog on our website during the contest time.

What if you are not the winner then what happened. Your all hard work goes flushed, no way. We have another plan for this. You every movement also provide you some points and these points help you to earn something more than money. Click here to LEARN MORE

This is something you have to do.  See the tutorial on how to log in and how to create a post. Watch This.



Blogging Shopping & Money, it's all in the Air.

Earn $150/Month on Every Move

Contest Start from 1 September to 29th September 2018

1) Register With us,
2) Choose Your Fav. Category & Write Blog on SwitchYourMood.
3) Share its with Your Audiance. 
4) You will be Rearded with Cash Prizes. 
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