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Welcome Guys, I am happy that your are interested to listen my plan, which helps you to earn money from blogging. I know you all knows many way to earn money from blogging, like create your own blogging website or go to and create your free Blogs their and its helpful to some people but how about many of those who have less traffic but the content is good enough and if you have your own website with good quality content but still not getting ad sense approval or high traffic to earn a Decent amount of money, So what these people gonna do. What is the Exact solution of that kind of problem?

I have a Solution and it’s name is Switch Your Mood. Now let me tell you how. it’s so easy, Just go to the Switch Your Mood, Sign in to the Website, create a complete profile of yours and then Write blogs about the trending topic of internet other than politics, religions and patroism(We don’t allow these topic personally). Now you thinking that nothing new here, Google and other blogging website says same to me, but we gonna tell you something new just wait and listen me first.

Start Again, You write blogs about trending topic on internet but here on Switch Your Mood, some condition their, Which helps you to earn more and more money. So listen, You have Complete 5 Blogs which are unique and trending on internet, they are may be same but remember don’t copy someone else. Then Sumbmit these blog to Website and Claim for your Blog Ad Space from the Admin. Read Term And Conditon blow of this page.

What is the Ad Space?

SwitchYourMood has its own ad service and we provide ad space to our Bloggers. These ad spaces purchased by the other companies who are looking for promotion of their products. We have 20 ad Slots in one ad space,and also have country and state wise control to these ad space that where it shown ad where not. SO its help you to write about specific Country and region trending topic, whcih help you get more traffic and more buyer from specific Regions and you earn more and more money easily.

So now you understand what I am Talking about and what you have to do exactly.

Ad Slots and Ad Templates

What’s Your Earning?

The most important part is “What is your Earning”. So you get 70% share of that ad space (Service tax also apply). When any of user buy that ad space you can see it on your blog and we also share the Exact Invoice of who buy that ad space and what is the Payment when we Settle your Payment. I hope you get enough money from your blog if you have good Content. Thanks.

How to Apply for Ad Space:

1) Ream Term & Condition to get info about blogs and Ad Space Account Approval.
2) When You Complete all the Conditions Contact Admin using Contact us Form (Link available in Footer).
3) If you done both of above you will get Approval for Ad Space Account Easily. Thanks

Term & Condition:

1) You can only Apply for Ad Space, When you have More then 5 Blogs in your Account.
2) Your Blogs Must have 1000 Words.
3) You must have 5000 views on each blog post, it means 25000 view for 5 blog post.
4) Political, regionalism and Patriotism not allowed on our Website. If you write Something related to these topics then your Account Get suspended without any Notification.
5) Your Blogs Must have Good Content and Also use Images to your Blogs, Because Images makes Blogs well Defined and Beautiful.
6) Must Use thumbnail Image to your Blog.
7) Don’t Copy anyone Else Blogs, if we find it or get complaint we remove your all content, your all money and Account get Banned. So you never do that again.

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