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Hello to our users, here we are going to introduce our app. We simply put our app link below in this page that you can download it in very easily.

Many ask us that why don’t you put your app on Google Play Store, So my question is why. Why should I upload my app on Google Play Store and the another answer is its only a mirror image of our website which we convert into an app for our user. They can Easily access website from here and get Notifications about our new Offer and Money Making Schemes. So we are not upload it google Play Store & in future if we made a raw android app for our website, then we also prefer to our users to download it here. So you get it now on clicking Download app Button Below. You can Also download Switch Your Mood App from Amazon App store. Download Link also Given Below.


Read this Please: We completely ensure you about your security. We are not record anything in background from your phone, not your calls, not your audios,videos and nothing from documents and local phone storage, not even when you are browsing our App. No location detection in this app. So be full confident when you download our app. Thanks.

If you download our Switch Your Mood App above given Link then a big thanks to you from our whole team.


This is here we Introduce our some other Apps which are related other Shopping Websites. These are Generally store on Wooplr Store which are made only for Shopping Purpose. These are completely safe to browse and make Shopping. We are 100% assure about it. So Download these all Given Below Links.

Note: You can also Download 3 Apps from Amazon App Store, Search by their names.  

 Switch Your Mood App

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