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Blogging, Shopping and Money, it’s all in the Air.

Please read our website Tagline “Blogging Shopping and Money. It’s all in the air”. So is that true, Yes it is true because we said its true. We don’t know about other money giving websites or money making websites, how they really work, because we try to earn on many but we fail and if you notice one thing, we earn for them first and then for ourself. So that’s why we are with our own plan. Where you work for yourself and you earn for yourself first.

I want to clarify some important things before we starting all of this. We are not giving any cash money to anyone because it makes us greedy. I saw in my life that many people try to earn these 5-10$ a day they spend 15-20$ a day just for the greediness of these 10$.  So we don’t want people to do that, especially with our website so we provide points to everyone to achieve the winning prizes. Well, we describe that below. But if you want to me that I describe it in one line then listen “We watch you single movement on our Website. Doesn’t matter what you are doing is , you are commenting on a post, you are viewing the post, you are logging in, your registration, your sharing, your reaction on posts, your upvotes, downvote & also you create a post with us”. We mean it. So now you get it that your every single movement help you to earn points & these points help you to earn money and shopping too. There is nothing specific you have to do to earn a point, just move with our website you earn on your every single movement. So here we can start now to discuss which movement gives how many points to you. Then Look at below chart…



Hindi Translation

Ager apne hmari website ki Tagline nhi padhi h toh please ek bar padh le “Blogging, Shopping and money, It’s all in the Air”. Kya yeh sach hai, haan yeh sach hai kyu k main bol rha hu y sach hai. Hum nhi jante dusri website kaise paise deti h or iska kya process hota hai, Kyu k maine bhut bar earn krne ka try kiya baki sab ki tarah pr main fail hua or ager apne ek baat notice ki ho k un sabhi website main pehle ap unn logo k liye earn krte ho phir khud k liye. Isliye hum aaj yhaan h apne ek plan k sath. Jisme ap pehle apne liye paise Kmayenge.

Main yeh pehle hi saaf kr dena chahta k hum paise kbhi kisi ko nhi dete kyu k paise kmane ki chahat hme bhukha bna deti h. Hum 10$ kmane k chakker main 20$ kharach kr dete h, humne aise bhut sare logo ko dekha h isliye hum money provide nhi krte. Hum points provide krte h or ap un points se apne pasand ki koi bhi cheese buy kr sakte ho. Ab next question h k y kaam kaise krta hai. “Hum apne website visitor ki har movement ko watch krte h or apki whi movement apko points provide krwati h, for example: your login,your registration, your post view, your comments on our posts, your post sharing, post upvote, downvote, post reaction, everything”. Jo b ap website pr krte ho hum wo sab note krte h or points dete h . Or yhi points apko chance dete h kuch b buy krne ka money and shopping too.  Yhaan aisa kuch bhi specific nhi h jo tum logo ko krna hi pdega. Just move with our website and earn everything for free.



We are going with one and the most important step which one necessary to do to earn points. Once you register with us you will be able to start earning points.

First Registration:  Click to profile icon on a top right corner and log in the way you want to log in. Go Ahead




Rate Card : Here is the rate card of points. how you will get points. Know here.






After Shopping Points Rate Card: If you buy something from us, in that case, we also provide points for that, Its cooming Soon .
Blogging Shopping & Money, it's all in the Air.

Earn $150/Month on Every Move

Contest Start from 1 September to 29th September 2018

1) Register With us,
2) Choose Your Fav. Category & Write Blog on SwitchYourMood.
3) Share its with Your Audiance. 
4) You will be Rearded with Cash Prizes. 
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