Emotional Numbness: How You Could Slip Into It and Ways to Snap Out

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We’ve all been there with emotional numbness. But do you really know what it means and how to overcome it? You will after this.
Emotional numbness is something that I experienced a couple of times in my teen years–expectantly, right? Teen years are a rough time for everybody, and it is natural for you to go through some emotional numbness at times in your life when you’ve experienced some sort of trauma.
When I was 16, my first real boyfriend took his own life. Obviously, this tore me apart. He was more than just my boyfriend, he was my best friend. He had helped me overcome a lot of emotional issues. I truly thought that he was going to be my partner in crime for life–but life had other plans. This traumatized me.
I became withdrawn from any and all social interactions and began losing interest in any emotional relationships. All of my relationships suffered, including my family and friends. I couldn’t see anything positive left in the world. I became very cynical. I was suffering from emotional numbness. [Read: Is someone you love struggling with depression?]
What is emotional numbness
Emotional numbness is a symptom of PTSD *post-traumatic stress disorder*. The sufferer feels void of any positive emotion. Contrary to popular belief, emotional numbness does not mean the person is void of all emotion. In fact, they feel anger, depression, and irritability very intensely.
If you are suffering from emotional numbness, you will be seen as a very negative person that sees no good in the world. It makes sense because this happens to people who have experienced trauma in their life. They’ve been through some very negative things, and following the trauma, it can be difficult to look on the positive side of life. But here’s the thing, you’ve gotta. [Read: How to be positive about life when it is hard]
How to overcome emotional numbness
While it can be difficult to overcome, it is highly important that you work to overcome emotional numbness. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.
#1 Accept the truth. Once you accept the fact that you are suffering from emotional numbness, you can begin to heal, but you cannot begin to heal until you accept the truth. [Read: 14 easy mantras that will transform your life]
#2 Seek professional help. I’m just a strange lady on the internet who talks about her problems. I don’t know what I’m talking about, pretty much ever. I’m not qualified to help you with your problems. Of course I will do my best to give advice if you ask for it, but I really am not qualified to help you with real life issues.
Seek help from someone who gets paid the big bucks to help you. They know what they are doing. And there is nothing wrong with asking for help.
#3 Create a tribe of like-minded individuals. Since emotional numbness is a symptom of PTSD, you need to get a group of people that are also suffering from PTSD *no matter where they fit on the spectrum*. They will get you and everything you are going through. Sometimes that’s all you need, someone who knows what is going on in your life and in your mind. You are not alone. Find comfort in knowing that.
#4 Surround yourself with positivity. When you are surrounded by people that radiate positivity, it is hard not to start feeling that way as well. Positivity is contagious, and at this point in your life, I think that is exactly what you need.
You need a change of pace, and preferably a change for the better. Wouldn’t you agree? Seek positive people and interactions, and positive things will come your way. Feeling positive is still feeling something, okay? [Read: How to tell real friends from fake friends]
#5 Analyze the situation. Think about the trauma. What made you enter this state of emotional numbness to begin with? I know this is a difficult thing to do, so ensure that you are doing it at the right time. Don’t do this right away. Allow yourself to heal slightly before diving back into the trauma.
When you are ready, you will need to analyze and process what happened and why. Understanding that it is not your fault is an important step to recovery. There is nothing that you could have done to change the situation, and even if you could, what’s done is done, so there is nothing you can do now. Let it go.
#6 Let it be free. Like I said, you need to let it go. I know, I know, easier said than done. It look me two to three years to truly heal from my trauma and to begin feeling “normal” again, and you know what? Sometimes I still feel like that. It’s almost like my emotions are leaking back into the numb state, and I have to be incredibly self-aware to notice when this happens so I can pull myself out of it.
Mental health is something that takes time and it will never be perfect. You have to constantly work to maintain it. [Read: Tips for a good cry therapy session to help you let it out]
#7 Be patient with yourself. Understand that it takes time to heal, and that healing isn’t linear. You will have your good days and you will have your bad days. Try to make the most out of all of your days, regardless of how you are feeling. This will make it exponentially easier to heal. You are trying your best, and one day you will feel your best as long as you put the work in. Don’t give up on yourself.
#8 Be patient with those around you. Understand that it can be very frustrating to be around someone suffering from emotional numbness, especially those close to you. They may get frustrated with you, but understand that they are trying too.
#9 Explain your situation. Don’t leave your loved ones hanging out to dry, here. You need to explain to them what is happening in your life and in your mind so that if you have an “episode” or feeling a little bit off, they won’t be taken off guard. They need to help you on this journey. So make sure they know what they are signing up for, because not everyday is going to be sunshine and rainbows. [Read: How to motivate yourself to do pretty much anything in life]
#10 Set goals and objectives. While you cannot put a time restraint on your healing, it is important to have something to strive for. Telling yourself that you will be better in a year might seem ridiculous, but the law of attraction works in funny ways. If you keep something in your mind, it will manifest into your life.
[Read: How to find yourself again after a seriously low point in life]
Healing isn’t linear. Emotional numbness isn’t something that you can overcome in a day. It takes time, hard work and patience. 
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