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Switch Your Mood(https://www.switchyourmood.com/) is a multi blogging website who bear your websites blogs to their website with source link and also allow you to write post on their website with front-end editor. They provide Paid service to post your blogs with some conditions which is also useful to you, Read Premium Feature Plan Below.  I am pretty sure it’s more better then pay for any campaign on social sharing website.

Post Submission on Switch Your Mood

1) We Allow Publish Your Website blog Posts on Switch Your Mood website.

2) We have more then 40 social Sharing Platforms.

3) Sponsored logo(your Website Logo) with Website link.

4) User can view redirected to your website when he click to the logo.
5) Automatically Added Sponsored website Logo with Website Link to your Post.
6) User can view your blog posts on our websites.

Requirements for Sponsored MemberShip Plan

1) Create Account With Switch Your Mood and make payment for Membership plan.
2) Submit Your Website or Company Logo + URL + Your Payment Transaction Id through Contact us page.
3) Then Start Publishing Post manually as per your requirements.

Note : These steps are most important for proceed with Sponsored Link Membership plan otherwise we can’t help you anyway.

Paid Membership:  Paid Membership time period is 6 month. After completing 6 Month you have to renew it.

Price: 50$!

Indian Rupees

User from India click to the join now button and Pay 50$ through your Favorite Wallet or Card for 6 Month Membership. Thanks .

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User except India, I mean to other then India, click to the join now button and Pay 50$ through PayPal for 6 Month Membership. Thanks.

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