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You’re never too old or too young to have style. Hair does change with age. Some guys main concern is graying hair while others are concerned about balding or a combination of the two. Here’s how to manage grey and thinning hair while looking your best.Hair can start turning gray or even white as early as 30 years old. Some men opt to delay or slow the process with a hair dye like Just For Men Original Formula Men’s Hair Color or colored shampoo like Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo.Gray, silver and white hair can take on a brassy color. Counteract the yellow with a blue shampoo like American Crew Gray Shampoo. Last but not least, gray hair can be coarse so make sure to use a conditioner to soften hair and make it more manageable. All that being said, salt and pepper, gray and white hair all look excellent so don’t hesitate to embrace it at any age. The unique patterns of color change set you apart and add an attractive depth to any hairstyle.Nearly all men have some type of hair loss with age. The rate of hair growth also slows so even if hair isn’t thinning at the forehead or crown, it can be thinner all over. These hairstyles minimize the appearance of thinning hair. There are also products that stop hair loss and create thicker hair.Products make a difference but the cut is an essential part of great hair. These hairstyles for older men included classic, cool and signature styles. Most of these models have gray hair but of course these looks work with any color of hair.1. Cool Hairstyles For Older MenPhillip RosadoThis spiky quiff is a popular style for men of all ages because is looks great and is easy to style. Coat hair with product and pull it straight up. You can also blow dry hair while guiding hair into place first. Short sides are a classic look but faded sides would add a trendy finish.2. Short Hairstyles For Older MenMr. LiptrotThis textured Caesar haircut is is one of the best hairstyles for men with thinning hair. The fringe covers up a receding hairline while textured styling makes hair appear thicker and covers thin spots. The fades sides also make hair on top look fuller in contrast. This is a trendy way to wear a classic short men’s hairstyle.3. Men’s Hairstyles For Gray HairNomad Barber LDNThere are no rules about how to cut hair based on curl. If hair texture has become coarser with a shift in color, longer styles have more surface area for product to hold. This side part taper haircut shows off the salt amidst the pepper while plenty of length for wavy hair. This is also a cool haircut for men with fine or thick hair.4. Older Men’s Hairstyles For Fine HairCorey PowellThis classic men’s hairstyle has lots of volume that makes fine hair appear fuller. Whether hair is fine, thin or both, this is a flattering haircut that becomes striking with gray hair. Finish it off with tapered sides.5. Men’s Gray Hair StylesAndrew Does HairThis pompadour is a great example of one of the most popular men’s haircuts because it is flattering, stylish and easy to do. Men with thick or coarse hair can simply use a product like Layrite Cement Clay to create shape and volume. For finer hair, blow dry first and use a pre-styler like Label M. Thickening Tonic.6. Hairstyles For Older Men With Thinning HairJuan Manuel Ortiz AbadThis pomp fade is an excellent hairstyle for men with thinning hair who are willing to spend a few minutes working on hair. The fade makes hair look thicker on top while textured volume conceals thinning hair. This look definitely requires a blow dryer plus lightweight product like a styling powder or matte pomade.7. Long on Top, Short Sides Hairstyles for MenBill TamlynThis longer on top, short sides and back haircut is a classic and fashionable look. Salt and pepper hair adds even more depth to this slightly messy style.8. Men’s Gray HairstylesJuanFran PeluqueroHair changes color in interesting patterns. For this gentleman, hair is darkest in the center of the face and lightest at the edges. This low fade haircut, comb over hairstyle and high volume hairstyle with a groomed beard is on point for 2018 for men of all ages.9. Modern Hairstyles For Older MenMorris MotleyIf you don’t recognize him, this dapper gentleman is Nick Wooster, a former men’s fashion director who has worked with Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York Bergdorf Goodman as well as street style extraordinaire. At almost 60, he is still the most stylish man in most rooms. This cool haircut with a quiff combed into a wave and shaved sides has the same combination of classic and cool as his clothes.10. Best Hairstyles For Older MenRum BarberFor older men, it can feel comfortable to go with the same hairstyle you’ve always had. However, because your hair changed it can actually be easier to try a new cut that works with greying, thinning hair. This is a classic cut styled with plenty of volume plus a modern low shadow fade around the edges. It’s easy to style and makes hair appear ultra thick.11. Longer Hairstyles For Older MenRyan CullenThis pomp fade is a popular hairstyle and cool look. The close cut of a fade reveals new patterns in grey, silver and white hair.12. Comb Over Hairstyle For Gray HairViroga’s BarberTake the pomp in a different direction with this side part, comb over hairstyle. It’s easy to style and can be worn with more or less volume as well as shorter or longer hair. The sides can be taper cut like above or faded.13. Hairstyles for Long Gray HairZeke the BarberLong hair on top worn in a high wavy pomp balances out a long beard. This is an easy way to wear long men’s hair.14. Hairstyles for Older Black MenTariq NevarOne of the benefits of aging for many people is feeling comfortable being yourself. For some people that means flying under the radar while for others that means expressing individuality and style through hair and clothes. This dapper gentleman looks impeccable with a groomed white beard, line up and long dreadlocks.

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