How to Prevent Snoring after Drinking

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Snoring is a severe problem for some people as their sleeping partners feel disturbed when they snore. Almost 50% of people snore occasionally. This is not a problem if it happens occasionally or rarely, but it becomes a problem when a person snores randomly. The problem becomes bigger if the snore sounds loud. Loud snore doesn’t allow the sleeping partner to have a good night’s sleep. So, if you have a snoring problem, try to get rid of it. How does Snoring Happen?Breathing is a continuous process. Even when you sleep, you don’t stop breathing. Snoring happens through this breathing process. In the breathing process, air passes through the mouth, throat, and nose. If the air passages are clear, there is no problem. The problem happens when the passage doesn’t remain clear. If something blocks the passage, the air can’t pass properly. To pass the blockages, the air needs more pressure. When enough pressure is provided and the air passes through the blocks, it causes vibration in the soft places like soft palate and uvula. This vibration results in snoring.The narrower the passages are, the more the vibration. As a result, snoring also becomes louder. So, if your partner tells you that you snore loudly, there must be a problem which you need to eradicate. Why does Snoring Happen?Snoring happens when the passage of air flow becomes blocked. Now the question is- what factors are responsible for this blockage of passage? In this section, I’m going to discuss the reasons behind the blockage. Alcohol intake: Intake of alcohol is one of the main reasons behind snoring. When it enters into your body, it brings some changes through actions and reactions. As a result, snoring happens. It is discussed thoroughly later. Medicines: Because of your illness, your doctor may prescribe some medicines which relax the muscles. Consuming those medicines may relax the muscles of your mouth, nose, and throat. Those relaxed muscles create a blockage. As a result, snoring happens. Obesity: Obesity is considered as another reason behind snoring. Obesity causes storing fat in different parts of the body. It stores fat in the throat too. Because of that fat, the passage becomes blocked. Excess obesity blocks the passage greatly. Those blockages by fat create snoring. Enlarged tissues: Sometimes some tissues in throat, mouth or nose grow improperly and block the passage. This doesn’t happen because of obesity. There might be some problems related to tissue and hormone. Whatever the reason is, this blockages also cause snoring. Loss of muscle tone: Because of aging or lack of fitness, the tissues are collapsed. If this happens in the throat, nose or mouth, collapsed tissues create blockage and cause snoring. These are some common reasons behind snoring. This article aims to let you know how to prevent snoring after drinking; now I’m going to discuss that. But before going to that section, you should know exactly how drinking alcohol causes snoring. Also read: 4 Keys to Building a Lean and Muscular Physique How Is Alcohol Responsible for Snoring?For many people, drinking some alcohol before going to bed has become a habit, intentionally or unintentionally. Those people surely suffer from snoring because consumption of alcohol is directly related to snoring. When alcohol is consumed, intoxication starts within fifteen minutes. So, the effects start to take place within fifteen to twenty minutes. It works as a great depressant. As a result, it relaxes the body, but the relaxation is excess. As alcohol relaxes the body, the throat tissues also become relaxed and block the passage of airflow. As a result, snoring happens. The loudness of snoring depends on how much the muscles are relaxed. Along with this process, another thing happens. Alcohol is known as a diuretic. As a result, when you take alcohol, it increases the loss of body fluids. Loss of body fluids leads to dehydration. To solve dehydration, the responsible parts of the body send blood to the skin surface to cool down and increase the rate of breathing. As the breath rate increases, more air passes through the passage more frequently. So, snoring happens more. Through these two effects, alcohol cause snoring. When you are awake, this doesn’t affect much. But when you fall asleep, your body remains in a horizontal position. At that time, the relaxed muscles get a chance to clock the passages, and you snore. Also read: 7 Reasons Why Drinking Water After Waking Up is a Good Idea How to Avoid Snoring after Drinking?The above explanation shows you that if you fall asleep quickly after drinking, the process of snoring starts to take place. So, you can avoid it by increasing the gap between drinking alcohol and going to sleep. For this, you can drink at least 4-5 hours before sleeping.This will reduce the amount of relaxation and create fewer blockages. As a result, there is a scope that you won’t snore. You can do another thing. I have said that the dehydration effect of drinking alcohol makes snoring worse. So, during the period between taking alcohol and going to sleep, drink water so that your body doesn’t face dehydration. Taking this step will also let you snore less and allow your partner to sleep happily. Besides these, you should have a good sleep to avoid snoring because a good sleep keeps the body functions normally. To get a good sleep, a good mattress is very important. Try to use the mattress that provides you a great sleep. These steps will work well if you are not a regular drinker. If you are a regular hard drinker, you will also be benefited through these. But in the long run, these might not work properly. The reason is, regular intake of excessive alcohol causes premature aging. Aging is responsible for collapsed tissues in the throat. If the tissues are collapsed permanently, these solutions may not work. Final VerdictSnoring is directly related to drinking alcohol. So, if you want your partner to have a good night’s sleep, stop drinking alcohol. If it is not possible to stop, try to take alcohol as less as possible. Don’t take alcohol just before going to bed and try to drink water as much as possible. These will keep snoring away from you.


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