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How to Earn Points or What is Distribution of Points?

So here you will get your Question Answer. In below here the point Distribution made by us that help you to learn more about it and help you to Earn More and More Points. So Just read that.

Spend your Free time with us and Earn Money.

To – do listReward Points
First Registration100 Points.
Daily Login50 Points.
Daily Website Visit50 Points.
View Post Per Day1 Point per Post.
Points for visitors after Comments2 Point Each Comment.
Points for Post Author after Comments5 Point Each Comment
Points for Referral Visits1 Point Each User.
Point for Referral Signups10 Points Each Signup.
Point for Product Review2 Point Each.

These are the points just for Spending time with us.

If you wanna Work with us then Just Read Below Point Distribution.

Front-end Post submission work To- do ListReward Point
Story Post Submission100 Points.
Ranked List50 Points.
Personality Quiz Submission50 Points.
Trivia Quiz Submission50 Points.
Polls Submission50 Points.
Point for Post Publishing in any Category50 Points.

Now this all you have to do. May be this task take your full time but it’s your choice that you wanna work with us or not. if you ready then start your work from now on. Thanks

Now time to talk about what points give you. You have a different find of points on our website and different kind of thing do, which helps you to earn point in different way so when convert these points into money it also a different process for all kind of works. lets see:

To do List Total Earned PointsMoney(Dollar) 
View Post Points1000$1
Points for Comment1000$1
Referral Visitors Points2000$1
Points for Referral Signups5000$1
Points for Product Review1000$1
Story Post Submission Points5000$1
Ranked List Submission5000$1
Personality Quiz Submission5000$1
Trivia Quiz Submission5000$1
Poll Submission5000$1
Shopping Point-No Point--No Money-

So that’s the Point into Money Conversion. it’s so easy to do and I hope you will easily earn money through all of this. So this page helps you to learn how points distributed and and how money distributed so i think i Clear everything. If you want to earn it more easy way then you can watch our videos.

How you count your points and Withdraw your Money?

You don’t need to Count your points. In your Profile you can see your daily Earning points and Total Points too.

You Can withdraw your Money when you completing Earn 100$.

For more question’s I suggest you to see FAQ page or Video. Thanks

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