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Play spin & Win


This is your chance to win Adorable gifts.

What You Have to Do?

Just visit our WIN PRIZE page. When you scroll the page down you will see the Spinning wheel here, Just click to the SPIN WHEEL button and Get what makes you the winner of this Game, That’s your Unique Code. That Code also helps you to shop Anything on discount at Switch Your Mood & Make you Winner of This Game.

What are the rules of this Game and Condition to Win?


  • 3 Spin in 30 days to play this game. Use 3 Spins in one day or in 30 Days. The choice is Yours.
  • Your Get your “UNIQUE CODE” after spinning Wheel, Save that code, Because that helps you to Win Game.
  • You can use that code for shopping on switchyourmood.com.
  • Don’t ever think about cheating, because of code will change with every spin.
  • At the End of the Month, One Code will be chosen for Winning the Game.

This is the easiest process to get in this game and to play this

Note: Game Winner will be chosen by Randomly, but the only problem is, what makes winner that worthy, so we have one condition here, Everyone has their codes, So use that coupon code for shopping & till the end of the month who will shop with the highest amount, will be the Winner.

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