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If you’re the kind that prefers the traditional EDC folding knives with blades that rotate outwards and swivel to retract inwards, the Braza Bro makes life much easier. Its pretty handy trigger does two things, i.e., makes the swivel-out interaction so incredibly snappy and easy, it’s something you’re going to be subconsciously doing all the time, and the trigger placement also orients your hand in such a way, your fingers or palm don’t obstruct the blade’s movement.
A smaller, more pocketable, and just as versatile iteration of the original Braza, the Braza Bro is exactly the same its predecessor, albeit more compact, making it lighter too, and therefore ideal for carrying around in pockets, taking them out only when absolutely needed.
The Braza Bro comes with a convenient pocket clip that lets you easily access the knife, while concealing as much as 90% of it when placed in your pocket. Made with a titanium-coated stainless steel body, the Braza Bro sports a D2 tool steel blade that’s unusual shape is a combination of various styles. With a sheepsfoot front, harpoon spine, tanto style grind lines, and a drop point blade cutting edge, the Braza Bro’s blade borrows the best bits from different knife styles to become greater than the sum of its parts. The ceramic ball-bearing pivot ensures fast blade deployment along with a much longer lifespan. Come for the swish-flick style trigger deployment and stay for the versatility and its long-lasting construction, the Braza Bro improves on the Braza’s unique design, and like all good products, is a better version of itself!
Designers: Mike Navitskiy & Daniel Bauen
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The Braza Bro is small but mighty! Be prepared for any task that comes your way!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not the size of the tool that matters, but how well made, functional and sharp it is.
The Design
Braza Bro was born of necessity. An EDC tool that can be carried on your keychain or unnoticed in your pocket, but cuts anything and still feels great in your hand.


The Best of Four Styles in One
The Braza Bro shape is very unique, combining the best features of several different more common designs into one awesome, versatile shape. The Braza Bro incorporates the features of these styles:
Drop Point – The belly, or cutting edge, follows a drop point style continuous curve to the tip. This style cutting edge is versatile and easy to sharpen.
Harpoon – The spine curves up to create a ramp which allows for extra leverage and precise control, as the thumb or forefinger can be placed on the ramp.
Sheepsfoot – The sloping portion as it approaches the tip is a modified sheepsfoot. Braza Bro has a more gradual slope which leaves a sharper point than a common sheepsfoot. This makes it more versatile for tasks that require a sharp tip.
Tanto – We borrowed the hard, straight grind lines from the tanto. The grind transition lines are straight and crisp giving the tool a tactical appearance.

What the Braza Bro lacks in size, it makes up for in features. That’s why it’s the mightiest mini EDC tool in the world.
Cutting Edge Length: 2.12” (53.9mm)
Closed Lenth: 2.75” (70mm)
Open Length: 4.77″ (121.3mm)
Total Weight: 1.48 oz
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Cutting Steel: D2 Tool Steel – heat treated for optimal edge hardness, strength and durability, stonewashed finish before grinding
Spine Jimping: Spine is jimped for non-slip finger hold
Bearing: Ceramic Ball Bearing – buttery smooth opening with no play.
Hardware: Torx Stainless steel
Frame-lock: Adds security and strength
Pocket Clip: Stainless Steel and removable if not needed.
Keychain and Lanyard Hole
Manual and Safe Operation: No spring, no assist, not automatic.

Ergonomic Handle Grip
The handle provides an excellent grip fitting in your first 3 fingers. The shape and contour of the handle will ensure that your hand won’t slip.
There’s a choil for the index finger, and a slight recess on the spine of the handle for the thumb to sit on. The spine is jimped to provide a non-slip grip for your finger. When in use, the Braza Bro feels much larger than it appears.

Secure Pocket Clip
The pocket clip is an essential feature that is often left out of mini pocket tools. Braza Bro allows you to choose between pocket clip, keychain, or lanyard carry.
Braza Bro In Action

For him.

For her.

For slicing.

For opening tough packages.

For holding cash.

For paring food.
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Braza Bro for Shredding BBQ Meat

What can you do with 6 Braza Bros? They made some awesome wolverine style meat shredding claws. They even made the blades flip out with the push of a button.

Click here to Buy Now: $ 39.00 $ 49.00 . Hurry, only 7 days left!
( H/T: Yanko Design )


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