Top Movies That Have Been Made Into TV Shows

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Within the entertainment industry, movies and TV shows are naturally closely related. While the process of making them is entirely different, as is how they are enjoyed, they still come down to the same basic factors: start with a great story, and then add in a sharp script, a talented cast and some cool sounds and you will be all set for a winner.

What do you do, though, if you are making a TV show but need a shot of inspiration? The answer that is open to you is taking a hit movie and turning it into a new TV show.

What is really great about this for the audience and makers is that you don’t even have to stick too closely to the original movie. While it is necessary to include some original characters (but not the original cast members if not available) or reference to the original story, they can go off into new territory, which is superb to watch. Of course, some will stick closely to the original movie plot and this is also great for fans.

What are the best TV shows based on hit movies?

As you would expect, there have been loads of TV shows that have taken inspiration from famous films that went before them. While not all were great, the below certainly were:

Limitless – this TV hit was aired by CBS and starred Bradley Cooper along with Jake McDorman. It was based on the 2011 film of the same name. The basic premise of the two was the same – the central character of Brian Finch discovers a new drug called NZT-48, which gives him access to all his brain power for 12 hours after taking it. The only trouble is that it has deadly side effects! The original film was produced by Relativity Media, which was headed at the time by well-known film producer and philanthropist Ryan Kavanaugh.


Stargate – surely one of the best TV shows to have come from a movie was this one. Starring Richard Dean Anderson of MacGyver fame, it stuck pretty close to the premise of the film. In short, a portal (or “stargate”) to other dimensions is discovered by the US military, and members of a special team use it to travel to places past and future. Where the Roland Emmerich movie stuck to ancient Egypt, the TV show was more expansive.


Gomorrah – based on the hit movie that was itself based on a successful book, this Naples-set gangster drama is not for the faint-hearted. While the film was a more general tale of the overall Mafia activity in the area, the TV show focuses on one prominent family and how they do all in their power to rule their patch. Both are gripping, but the TV show is especially good.


Scream – this was a big movie hit and a huge film franchise. Who can forget the masked killer with the freaky look and his weird phone calls?! The TV show carried on in the same vein, albeit with new characters and new killers behind the mask. As with Gomorrah, the TV show feels a bit more fresh and funky with more rounded and believable characters in it.


Lethal Weapon – pretty much everyone has seen at least one of the Lethal Weapon films. With stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover wise-cracking their way through dangerous situations and lots of action, they were well loved. Many people were not sure how a TV show based on these films would pan out, but it actually stands up well. The TV show manages to pack in the swagger and fun that the films had along with lot of action.

There is certainly no shortage of great TV shows based on movies to see – this is just the short list, as there are many more that we could have added!

Movies make great material for TV

When those special films really capture the public’s attention, it only makes sense to follow up with a TV show of the same. This is especially true if no more films will be made and the original cast are off doing other things. When this happens, filming a TV show to give fans something to cling onto and enjoy is definitely worth it. With so many great ones to check out now, you will not even miss going to the cinema anymore!


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