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Meta: This review looks into that in detail, exploring all the fundamental features and their corresponding capabilities, plus YOOtheme Pro pricing.Have you ever walked into a restaurant starving, then something immediately stopped you from ordering anything there?Well, allow me to tell you one of my stories. There’s this cold evening I was looking forward to a nice hot cup of coffee, some doughnuts, and maybe a fried egg as I catch up with the news.Since I’m usually adventurous, I thought it would be thrilling to try out a new spot. So, I went for what seemed to be the newest, trendiest coffee shop in the neighborhood.It looked pretty fine from the outside. And I could smell the tantalizing coffee beans from a mile away.Then, suddenly, everything changed as soon as I walked through those doors.The place was clean, alright. But, there was something about the furniture. It was a bit worn out for a shop that had been open for only six months.Ok, I might have considered overlooking that and proceeding to order, but here’s the kicker. The furniture was also poorly arranged. The chairs were scattered everywhere, and there was barely any space to move around.Now that was the ultimate deal breaker. How could I trust anything from the kitchen of a place that wasn’t even bothered to get its front-end in order?My point?Well, that’s the same case when it comes to websites.According to , the average bounce rate in all industries ranges between 46% and 65%. Ecommerce sites, for instance, are currently holding on at 2.15% shy of 50%.While there are many reasons behind this, poor website setup has always been one of the principal ones. As a matter of fact, are convinced that positive user experience is the most critical element of a site.Just think about it. Even when you offer the best products in town, and probably supplement them with exceptional customer support, it all counts for nothing if the site is slow or designed poorly.That’s why, thankfully, we have solutions like YOOtheme on WordPress and Joomla.Now, YOOtheme has been fairly dominant in recent years when it comes to WordPress themes. And we love them. Not only because there’s a wide variety of options, but also due to the fact that YOOtheme has been consistently revising its offerings. It seemingly strives to stay up to date with the trendiest designs and preferences.Recently, however, the company made a rather drastic move by introducing YOOtheme Pro. It might sound like one of those extra provisions until you come to realize that it’s not just about themes anymore.Here’s the thing. YOOtheme Pro is also a page builder. How it can fit into your strategy is something we’ll be looking to shortly.But first, let’s see what YOOtheme basically entails.YOOtheme Reviews: OverviewYOOtheme’s journey can be traced back to 2007 when it was just a concept founded by Steffan and Sascha. With over a decade’s experience in this space, it now makes sense why the company is exceptionally good at WordPress and Joomla themes.That said, it’s worth noting that the development team is not only building themes and supporting their components.If you’re an ardent follower of web designing trends, you might have come across something called Ulkit. Yes, I’m talking about that open source solution that essentially acts as a website interface front-end framework.Well, guess what? YOOtheme is the company behind it.If you think that’s impressive enough, let’s cross over to another open source solution- Pagekit. Still in the same web development space, but it’s more of a flexible CMS tool.And yes, you’re right. Another YOOtheme creation, straight from their kitchen based in Hamburg, Germany.Although its name, by all means, shouts themes, YOOtheme is evidently a company that’s progressively proving to be a heck of a lot more.So, I guess going the page builder way shouldn’t have been much of a surprise after all. But still, many industry experts didn’t see it coming.Needless to say, YOOtheme Pro is finally here. And if the company’s latest press releases are anything to go by, it’s certainly here to stay. It’s not going anywhere.Whether it’s able to create ripples in the whole WordPress and Joomla industries is a different thing altogether.So far, YOOtheme has managed to secure more than 150,000 users. Ulkit, on the other hand, has been the foundation for more than 500,000 websites.Therefore, in a nutshell, the company has seen its fair share of success. And it’s seeking to drive YOOtheme Pro, and possibly make it bigger than all its predecessors.How that works out depends greatly on its strategy and overall offerings.This YOOtheme Pro review looks into that in detail, exploring all the fundamental features and their corresponding capabilities, plus YOOtheme Pro pricing.YOOtheme Pro Reviews: FeaturesPage BuildingOk, we’ve mentioned page building enough times now. But how good is YOOtheme Pro at this, really?The whole editing process, to begin with, is built around what I presume you’re already familiar with. YOOtheme Pro could have introduced something completely different, but I guess its developers already knew that nothing beats the drag-and-drop functionality in intuitiveness and simplicity.And the best thing is? You don’t need to refresh your programming knowledge to get things going. Proceed to edit the overall outlook of your website through the graphical interface, and the system will handle all the finer coding details for you.Speaking of website outlook, you have three primary options of structuring your pages. You could either go with grids, rows, and columns, or combine them to establish a dynamically aligned layout.Well, that might be your preference. But personally, I like to keep things straightforward and minimalistic. That’s why I found the masonry effect option to be just the right feature for my ideal website.I was able to use it to create multiple columns combining different cell lengths, without unnecessary gaps between them. Everything, in the end, looked neat and well-organized. Unlike the coffee shop I visited.I’ve also mentioned that I’m quite the character when it comes to adventure. So, for that extra oomph, I decided to combine the masonry effect with parallax.  And the result was outstanding. A minimalistic layout with a dash of sophistication. You don’t get that around quite often, do you?Now, that pretty much covers the structure. But we’re barely quarter-way done. The next stage is basically all about the little things that fit into a web page. I’m talking about headers, footers, images, videos, etc.And for this, YOOtheme pro attempts to provide everything you can think of right off the bat. In addition to widgets, you get tables, social networking feeds, subnav, quotation, overlay, map, gallery, and buttons, among other options. In total, there are 30 elements, which are neatly arranged for easy selection and coordination.The slideshow, for example, is particularly interesting because it comes in not one or two, but five distinctive animations. All well-aligned to both mobile and PC versions of the site. Plus, they can accommodate images and videos to accomplish an intuitive site.With the wide array of options available, this is the point where you realize that the final design depends on how well your site’s elements blend in with the overall layout.Thankfully, YOOtheme Pro has a pretty decent library of layouts, with more than 100 options. It might not be the biggest library you’ve seen on page builders, but its premium layouts have all been carefully designed by professionals. Plus, they have adapted them to different types of websites.However, if you’re particularly specific, YOOtheme Pro has provided a range of topics to filter through the whole collection.  This route will help you find ideal options more conveniently and most importantly, much quicker.All things considered, you might be lucky enough to achieve exactly what you want after combining elements with their default settings. If you don’t, worry not because you can further customize everything to suit your specific needs. You can play around with global settings for PC and mobile, positioning, spacing, fonts, sizes, typography, colors, etc.Google Fonts Stored Locally As you wiggle your way through different possible styles for your site, you might decide to settle for one of the fonts available on Google Fonts.Well, it turns out Google Fonts is exceptionally special to YOOtheme Pro. To store them locally, the service basically downloads all the relevant files to your website’s server, and injects them straight into the CSS.Fair enough. But, why is this special in the first place?Here’s the deal. Google is often forced to make round trips to and from its servers whenever traffic is accessing a site a with non-local Google fonts. Storing them locally, therefore, eliminates this process. Traffic is directed automatically to load the font from your server. As a result, the page loading speeds are drastically improved, which eventually means less bounce rate.And perhaps surprisingly, this localized storage is also quite helpful in ensuring the protection of your users’ privacy. That’s purely because it’s GDPR-complaint, unlike non-localized Google Fonts.Browse Through The Unsplash LibraryChoosing and uploading images to your website might seem like the simplest task here, right?But, hold it right there and think about the whole thing again.The bulk of the images on the web are copyrighted. That essentially locks you out from lifting them. And if you did, Google has powerful sniffer dogs that will promptly pick out duplicate content published on your site, resulting in heavy penalties. Not to mention the possible copyright litigations that may also come your way.Quite alarming, isn’t it?That’s why stock image websites feel like a gold mine. They pretty much save us the trouble of hiring models and studio photographers to take stunning shots for website use.Now, when it comes to stunning, Unsplash is undoubtedly one of the predominant players here. Many site owners trust it as a source of an unlimited variety of legit stock photos.Unfortunately, you can’t publish them directly from their links. You have to first download the selected image and save it, only to upload it again to your website.Well, let’s face it. It might sound simple, but it really isn’t. In fact, that’s quite tedious, especially if you hate repetitive tasks.In a bid to probably make page building as convenient as possible, YOOtheme found a solution to this by integrating the entire Unsplash library. Consequently, you can now explore images published on Unsplash straight from the media manager.Your final selection is then added to the website’s media folder as soon as you save the layout. Simple and most importantly, super convenient.Extensive Options for DevelopersSo far, we’ve mentioned how YOOtheme Pro facilitates web designers who might not have the requisite coding skills.Using the drag-and-drop interface only requires basic coordination. Customizing the basic elements, on the other hand, is all about finding a good balance between simplicity and practicability. YOOtheme Pro’s engine then handles the rest.Sounds good. But, admit it. While it’s fairly convenient, this is nothing like the actual web development. That’s possibly why they decided to use the word “page building” instead.Web development, conversely, is all about getting your hands dirty. Diving deeper to adjust even the most intricate details. That’s how you achieve an entirely customized site.Now, it turns out YOOtheme Pro understands this too. And to prove it, the solution lives up to its open-source reputation by also facilitating extensive coding.That means developers can also have fun leveraging all YOOtheme Pro has to offer. And unlike regular users, they can easily overcome any limitations that come with the standard features. YOOtheme Pro allows them to take advantage of its flexible modular structure, and override any of the default settings. In the end, the coding helps design sites with a personal touch.Come to think of it, that’s the difference between web builders and web developers.And in case of any difficulties, you can seek help from any of the available support documents. I found them to be adequately comprehensive, and sufficiently informative.Overall FeaturesYOOtheme Pro also comes with:Single-click updatesIntegration to WooCommerce for businessMany blog optionsAdjustable footers3 layouts for mobile headers16 different options for header layoutsIntuitive color section processOver 120 iconsExtensive user interface elementsWebP format for imagesScrsets set to generate automaticallyImages lazy-loadingMaximum width breakpointMobile supportGlobal custom options for styleModern page layoutsThumbnail navigationYOOtheme Pro Reviews: PricingEach YOOtheme Pro package comes at a price. There’s no free option for even the lowest tier users.Admittedly, that might be understandable to some extent. Especially if the service alternatively offers a limited free-trial period.But here’s the problem. YOOtheme Pro doesn’t offer that either. You either pay or forget about everything altogether.However, and rather fortunately, you can request for a full refund within 30 days if you don’t fancy the features on YOOtheme Pro. At least, it provides a 30-day money back guarantee.That said, there are the plans you can subscribe to:Developer- € 299All Standard featuresUnsplash integrationFor WordPress and JoomlaSubscription for 12 monthsUpdates for unlimited sites Standard- € 99All Basic featuresSubscription for 12 monthsUpdates for 3 sites Basic- € 49Risk-free guaranteeTechnical supportRegular updatesAccess to all themesSubscription for 3 monthsUpdates for 1 site  Who Should Consider Using YOOtheme ProApart from its official launch date, nothing about YOOtheme Pro reminds you that it’s a new entrant into the WordPress page building space. So, of course, it’s a tool worth keeping an eye on as more features continue coming on board. It’ll definitely keep growing and improving over time.For now, is adequately suitable to both inexperienced coders and developers seeking to establish personal websites or blogs. Ecommerce, on the other hand, is a different ballgame that requires more features optimized for online stores.


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